Q3 / books of 2018

018. to all the boys i've loved before / jenny han.

classic pretend-to-date-but-actually-fall-in-love storyline. loved it, but didn't find it super believable. still watched the netflix movie.

019. you are a badass / jen sincero.

includes so many good/useful tips. also, many almost-truths. take it with a grain of salt. helpful, but not a book to live by.

020. p.s. i still love you / jenny han.

book #2. i'm a sucker for a cheesy YA love story.
might have liked this one more than the first one.

021. always and forever, lara jean / jenny han.

book #3. least favorite of the three. still read it in a day. there will be movies for the sequels, right??

022. building a storybrand / donald miller.

so important for businesses, anyone trying to communicate a message, and anyone with a website.

023. draw the circle / mark batterson.

such a helpful prayer tool. not only impacted my prayer life, but is the reason i am always out of bed by 7 a.m. now. (read this one twice in a row.)

024. remember God / annie f. downs.

real and raw storytelling about what happens when God doesn’t respond in the way you think He will, or maybe think He should. (the chapter about manna was such a perspective shift for me.)

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