when your brother marries your best friend.

these are my people.

these are my people.

last week, i spent the whole week in connecticut. first, prepping for the wedding. then, celebrating the marriage. and after that, being exhausted.

it has been a full week and it feels like i am still recovering, but it was so, so good.

on sunday, i flew to boston and H and abs met me there. it was, without sharing all the had-to-be-there details, hilarious and memorable and so much fun.

things you need to know.

+ we went to the sowa open market, then quincy market, then legal harborside.
+ i woke up at 4:50am to catch my flight, and i have the bags under my eyes to prove it.
+ art galleries are my favorite. heart eyes for daaaays. (especially because this one had air conditioning and couches.)
+ that was maybe the best mac & cheese i've had. ever.
+ that dessert (ice cream balls covered in chocolate) was free. and delicious.
+ my flip flop broke in the restaurant and my other shoes were ...a block away.
+ and don't miss that guy who photobombed us in our mirror selfie.

on monday, achilles and i had a small photo shoot (I LOVE HIM) (he thinks he is a lap dog?) and it was also my dad's birthday and later my mom and i snuggled up while watching the olympics because it is like feast or famine with window-unit air conditioning.

i think it's worth documenting that although we are all wearing birthday hats (T and J are sharing) in the photo, we all eventually took them off because they are uncomfortable to wear, but my dad continued to wear his throughout the night as he opened his gifts. because it was his birthday and he can party how he wants to.

the only photo i have from tuesday is this one of me and luca and his blue donut mustache.

it turns out, this is the only photo i have of the two of us from the entire week. and it was also probably the only time we played together all week, too.

on wednesday, the real fun began.

we got manicures and pedicures and brought things to the venue and had the rehearsal and the dinner and about half way through here is where i stopped taking my own photos because sometimes i want to forget where my phone is and just be.

super grateful to H, who kept hers in hand and managed to keep that balance of taking photos while also being present. i should also mention that any formal photos here are taken with H's (or someone else's) phone so the quality is sub-par, but i couldn't not share. because, obviously.

okay okay. WEDDING DAY. it was a thursday. to me, this has always been a thing. T got married on a thursday. J got married on a thursday. but it occurs to me (over and over) as i talk about it with other people that not everyone is as familiar with the thursday wedding trend as i am.

so. thursday.

honestly, i don't really know how to describe this day, other than to say i was overjoyed. whether it was helping abs put on her dress or walking down the aisle or finally sharing the speech i'd written for them, i mostly had this overwhelming sense of I'M JUST SO EXCITED TO BE HERE. i thought there would be an overflow of emotions, which always leads to an overflow of tears, but it wasn't a lot of anything except pure joy.

this includes the part, post-wedding, when i drove abby's car back to their apartment and got to hang out as they opened their cards before standing at the counter and eating cake right out of the container.

everyone always pauses after i tell them about this dynamic. is that a good thing, or... they want to know. it feels obvious to me, but i guess it's probably as obvious as a thursday wedding. YES, i always say. when your people love each other, it's a really good thing.

everything else post-wedding feels like a blur. it caught me off guard how exhausted i felt, but looking back, it kind of makes sense. a wedding is no small thing, no matter how exciting. happy things can be tiring too.

on friday, we had a family picnic (during which my cousin took photos, so there is proof of said exhaustion all over my face/our faces in case you didn't believe me) and then lee and i had a spontaneous photo shoot and then we had friendly's. (because, hunka chunka peanut butter fudge ice cream is a thing that exists at friendly's.)

here are some of my favorites that my cousin took during the wedding with a camera that is not an iphone. i decided to separate them because they deserve to not be mixed in with our low-quality selfies.