when you drive three hours for a cheeseburger.

it kind of needs its own post, right?

i'm playing catch-up a little bit here. i tried to post all the things before leaving for a week at thanksgiving, but i've had one thing after another. plus i got into another harry potter book, so i lost a solid three days' worth of free time there.

anyway, about a month ago, a couple friends and i decided it's probably worth it to drive to birmingham to visit the closest whataburger location. we discussed it, excitedly, for about three minutes and then put a date down in the calendar. november 12.

we didn't really talk about it much after that, as if driving three hours for a cheeseburger was an average weekend activity. but the idea actually came up because, as my friend julie would tell you, it had been almost a year since her last whataburger. and if you're counting, it's probably worth the drive. also, don't some people prefer whataburger over in-n-out? as someone who's had in-n-out, i was curious to see which i like better.

that, and i'm always up for an adventure.

on the way, we stopped at a rest stop that also happened to have a rocket ship on location. i don't actually know if this was a planned stop, or if we just happened upon it, but either way, it was all very exciting.

first stop, donuts. second stop, coffee.

and then, on to the main event.

honestly, it was mostly fun to just be with my friends and do a random thing like drive three hours for a cheeseburger on a saturday. which is to say, even though it has been over two years since i've had it, i think i prefer in-n-out.

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