tyler hilton / 04.02.2012

do you know who tyler hilton is? no? google, people. because i have no photos. even though i saw him on monday night. (i was in the back. and sitting down. and trying to ignore the 14 year old fangirl inside me.)

anyway, tyler hilton used to be on one tree hill back in season two, when i used to watch, and even though i hated his character on the show, i liked him in real life. especially after T met him when she worked at friday's (but DID NOT GO when he invited her to see him play) and she ended up with this fantastic voicemail message from him that she kept on her phone forever until it got deleted when she switched over to an iPhone.

ANYWAY, he played at the space on monday night, so leah and i went and it was great, in a nostalgic kind of way. but he really is so good live and i'm glad i got to see him! there's really not much else to tell because we went, we saw him play, and then we left. we did not wait in the line to meet him and have him sign the shirts we didn't buy. so yeah.

but, moving on to the new music tuesday portion of the post, his new album came out today. it's called forget the storm and it is SO GOOD. i bought it on itunes a few minutes after midnight on tuesday because i was still awake and because, after seeing him live, i knew i needed to own it. and i have zero regrets.

favorite tracks? "prince of nothing charming" & "you'll ask for me."

as for any of the other new music that came out yesterday, i haven't really spent much time on itunes this week, so i'll have to get back to you on that.