for my 17th birthday, my best friend from high school put up a huge "happy birthday" banner at the entrance of school and completely decorated my locker.

for my 18th birthday, i went to an art museum and wore a tiara the entire day.

for my 19th birthday, ...i apparently did nothing significant enough to remember or write about. 

for my 20th birthday, i had the swine flu (or so my mom claims - i was never technically tested for it) and spent most of the day by myself in my room.

for my 21st birthday, i had a series of birthday celebrations that lasted an entire week, which included birthday dinner, legal drinks at margarita's, and a surprise birthday party.

here's what happened on my 22nd birthday:

  • it snowed the night before, which made for a delightful morning of cleaning off my car.
  • i went to work. (not the best decision i ever made.)
  • tim and nick both remembered it was my birthday and nick brought me a chocolate milkshake. (so sweet!)
  • my mom & dad had THE MOST BEAUTIFUL flowers delivered to me at work.
  • i spent the majority of my work day in a state of productivity that mostly included reading and replying to birthday messages from people on facebook and twitter.
  • i had my birthday dinner that night and, as usual, it was delicious and full of laughter and an all-around fun night.
  • it snowed again on saturday and the power went out and continued to be out throughout the following week. end of celebration.

i think it's safe to say that my 22nd birthday will be marked by the crazy snowstorm that caused us to be without power for six whole days because i'm already forgetting what happened on my birthday and it was just a week ago!