twenty four.

turning twenty four feels real weird. well, the idea of turning twenty four is weird. actually being twenty four doesn't feel like anything.

but twenty four! that's practically twenty five, you guys. i'm practically twenty five. which is probably what i'll say to people when they ask how old i am. mid-twenties! it's just a weird concept, you know, considering i always chose to be eighteen when playing house when i was little. sometimes i'd be twenty one, but even then that always seemed so old to me.

and now, here i am at twenty four. i don't necessarily feel old as much as i feel like, wait when did that happen? how is it even real life that i'm twenty four? that i don't live with my parents anymore? that i don't need to live with my parents anymore? how am i this grown up?

how am i almost twenty five?

(here i am. my almost twenty five year old self.)

(i get aunt cards now because i'm an aunt, you guys.)

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