tour de compadres | 05.09.2015

blog goals: to not always write about a thing that happened three weeks ago.

and so we went to the tour de compadres show in charlotte on mother's day weekend.

basically, what you need to know (and probably already know) is that i work for drew holcomb (a tour compadre), so we went to this show for free. i promise i'm only telling you this because it's a relevant detail and not because i want you to think i'm really cool or that my job is really cool. (i'm not, it's not.)

needtobreathe had a lot of family in town, or so i was told, so they got the seat tickets and we got lawn tickets. honestly, i've gotten over the fact that i can no longer always be rightupagainstthestagebarriers at any and all needtobreathe concerts, plus it wasn't an enormous venue and there was still a decent view, even from the back of the lawn. so it was okay.

especially since we made friends with the six guys sitting in front of us, who were there because one of them was getting married, by asking them if they've seen that drew holcomb music video which i happen to be in, dressed as a bottle of ketchup. and by we, i mean T did this. and when they all gathered around their phones to look up the video and proceeded to ask me about it, T leaned over and whispered "you're welcome."

from the lawn, we watched colony house, drew holcomb and the neighbors, and ben rector.

okay, the view was okay from the lawn.

fortunately, the tour manager from colony house, who is a friend of mine, worked some magic and got us ticket upgrades for the VIP boxes (that we may or may not had already tried to sit in and then got kicked out of) just in time for needtobreathe.

nothing makes me feel like i am 19 again quite like taking a wrist photo at a needtobreathe show, which i drove many miles to attend.

our new VIP box seats were so much closer, and much better for dancing. also better for the part where bear came out and sang in a VIP box almost directly behind us, in front of the lawn people.

all the compadres come out on stage for "brother."

during this particular show, some guy from the audience hopped on stage, walked to the center, put his hands up and started singing along. he was up there for probably thirty seconds (which is a pretty long time, considering he was a stranger who didn't belong on stage) before security went and got him. i didn't (and probably won't) explain all the details, but this felt hugely ironic, considering security gave us a hard time, multiple times, and we had an all access pass.

solid show, as always.