top 10 thoughts on the cma's.

  1. the cma’s will forever remind me of that episode of the buried life where duncan sneaks in and asks t swift out. this has nothing to do with what happened last night, but i have to mention it because i thought about it multiple times.
  2. the kim kardashian marriage song? hilarious. “baby, i’m gonna love you forever, or for 72 days amen.” (brad & carrie’s whole opening bit was pretty funny, actually.)
  3. carrie underwood is BEAUTIFUL. and so is faith hill. oh my word!
  4. vocal duo of the year: how did the civil wars not win this one?! (in other news, they’re considered ‘country’?) (oh, and ginnifer goodwin & josh dallas, “snow white” & “prince charming” from once upon a time, presented this award. i just love them. and their show.)
  5. favorite performances: “are you gonna kiss me or not” by thompson square (they are too cute), “ours” by t swift (i loved her little living room set up), and “remind me” by brad paisley & carrie underwood (great song, great performance).
  6. sugarland & matt nathanson’s performance reminded me just how much i am in love with that man’s voice. seriously.
  7. WHY DID THE BAND PERRY WIN EVERY AWARD? (i’m just currently annoyed with them because their song is still overplayed on the radio and, while i think they’re pretty good and used to like the song before it was vastly overplayed, they’re not worthy of all the awards.) (but that’s just my opinion.)
  8. best male vocalist: blake shelton. in my opinion (i have lots of these today), he’s pretty good, but way overrated. my mom loves him though and, when he won, she whispered, “YESSS.” i didn’t even realize she was still awake at this point.
  9. lauren alaina should’ve won american idol.
  10. entertainer of the year: TAYLOR SWIFT. knew it. love her. asdfghjk. she seriously deserves it. and i love how she thanked every artist who sang with her on tour.