thursday things.

1. Today would normally be the day where I would tell you about the two books I've read this month because it's the second to last weekday before the end of the month. But I'm going to need all the days I can get from this month because I haven't actually finished my second book yet. Or started it. I still have four days, okay.

2. I am both wide awake and so sleepy at the same time. I'm not sure how this feeling exists, but apparently it does.

3. I saw The Civil Wars get presented with their gold album tonight. That was pretty rad. I love them. And John Paul White looks like Johnny Depp's twin. It blows my mind how that's even possible.

4. Oh, last Saturday I played Ultimate Frisbee like it was high school gym class all over again, but better. My friend Julie got invited by one of her new friends and she asked me to go along with her. I sort of went with the why not? mentality. Even though I could think of a million reasons why not. Number one being my complete lack of athletic ability. But it was a blast and I'm glad I went.

5. I've been fighting a cold. Sunday night was terrible, when I was once again reminded of how much I take for granted a simple thing like the ability to breathe through my nose. Because I couldn't, and then my ears started to hurt from the pressure of laying down. So I had to sit up, but who can even sleep like that? Not me. So I didn't sleep basically at all. And then Monday morning, I went out and bought cold medicine because come on already.

6. I need to find a chiropractor. And the funds to support my weekly visits.

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