the weekend.

on friday night after work, i went to the LEAGUES album release show by myself. when i saw augustana, i went alone but ended up meeting up with another intern i work with. on friday, it was just me and it was awkward in that way that being alone in public is awkward. i looked at my phone a lot. i texted. i checked twitter and instagram. a lot.

once the show started, it wasn't that bad because then there's something to do. but even then, being alone at a show is a different kind of experience. at least, for me, i guess because i never pay as much attention to the people around me when i have someone else. i learned i am less tolerant of the superfans in the front when i'm alone and even though i stayed up there for a good portion of the show, i did end up moving to the back. it's nicer back there. you can stand where no one else is touching you and you can see the whole stage. plus, when it's a great nashville band you're seeing, the back is where the other great nashville musicians are. like, oh i don't know. mat kearney? yeah. i won't retell what happened the last time i ran into him at a show with leagues (you can read about it here), but i assure you i was much cooler this time.

leagues played an incredible show, of course. you can tell they have so much fun on stage and the energy was contagious. i wrote more about it here and you can download their album here.

nothing significant happened on saturday.

on sunday night, i worked out with crystal. it was probably the first time i've worked in like a year.  she's asked me a handful of times to work out with her and i always say no. partly because i am legitimately busy and partly (mostly) because i just don't feel like it. but on sunday, i was feeling pretty good (which is ironic because i actually ended up being sick–but more on that later), so i said yes. my workout was approximately have as intense as hers (because it was my first time doing it and there are a lot of fancy moves that i had a hard time getting the hang of) (also because it was my first time working out in like a year), but i can assure you that my legs are really sore so i must have done something right.

no, there are no photos from this portion of the weekend. but that doesn't mean that it didn't happen.

and now it's almost 4 a.m. on tuesday morning and i basically haven't slept all night because i can't breathe through my nose and the sinus pressure. it's really unpleasant. and rather unfair, because i have tried a variety of things, including: taking zicam, drinking tea, adding a packet of emergen-c to my water bottle, adding drops of grapefruit seed extract to my water, eating oranges, using vicks vapor rub on my feet and chest, getting adjusted, using a neti pot, and possibly other things i'm forgetting about at the moment.

in case you're wondering, i spent a good portion of the night listening to the entire second half of an audiobook that i started listening to months ago (which will get its own post) and i managed to fall asleep for maybe 45 minutes. after my short nap, i woke up feeling exactly the same and listened to my favorite backstreet boys songs (old and new-er) before i moved past the completely exhausted phase and thought blogging might be a good idea. so here i am.

but i actually just finished syncing new music onto my phone, so if you don't mind, i'm going to move onto the *nsync portion of my night/morning/whatever time of day it is.