the peace of wild things.

Oh, my gosh. I have been waiting for this new Paper Route album ever since that time I saw them in Boston. I mean, it's been a while since they've released an album (three years), but nothing gets you quite as excited as seeing a live show with previews of the new stuff. And now it's finally here!

You can get The Peace of Wild Things on iTunes or wherever else you get your music from. And I highly recommend you do so because this album is so good. I have so many favorites, but I think "Letting You Let Go" has been on repeat the most. But then there's also "Love Letters" and "Glass Heart Hymn" and the previously released songs like "You And I" and "Better Life" and "Sugar." And I'll stop there before I continue listing out the entire track list. But they're all just so, so good.

And in case you missed it, I posted their new music video for "You And I" last Tuesday. So there's also that.

They're playing a CD release show tonight, but I have to work (lame), so I went to Grimey's last night to see them. They played a four-song set. ("Tamed," "Sugar," "Two Hearts," "Love Letters.") I guess it would've been a longer set, but JT's voice is feeling weak and he obviously needs it for the CD release show. Which is unfortunate, because four songs was such a tease.