snow daze.

do you remember last year, when nashville got an ice storm and i was stuck inside my house for six days? i will never forget it. i also never thought it would happen again, or at least not so soon.

but, um, surprise? it snowed. like actual inches of snow fell from the sky and piled on the ground, and you know nashville doesn't have a snow plow. people here don't even own ice scrapers for their cars, let alone actual snow shovels. and so it sat there, for days.

this time was better than last time, though. i spent a lot of time complaining, but this time was way better than last time.

because it was only snow. half a foot of it, but only snow.
because temperatures kept bumping up above freezing, and then got up to like, sixty degrees on monday, which meant everything melted faster.
because i was only stuck inside for two days.
because i didn't have my boss passive aggressively texting me about not being able to drive/come into work.
because i had coffee.

i stayed inside, because of course i did. i don't like being outside. i don't like the cold or snow or wearing layers. i saw other people's photos from the middle of the street, covered in white and lined with snow covered trees, and it looked so dreamy like some kind of a winter wonderland. and then i thought about the amount of clothes they had to be wearing to not freeze to death and i was perfectly content with the view out my bedroom window.

i stayed inside and drank coffee, snuggled up under blankets, and watched a lot of grey's anatomy.

eventually, i did make it out of the house. because my roommates are canadian and also my heroes.

this was taken just after he used a regular shovel (like, to dig holes in the ground with) to scrape up the snow/slush/ice we kept sliding on and just before she helped push the car out of the driveway.


they didn't even think twice about it. once we were in the car and on our way, she said, "in canada, this is the kind of weather where we'd roll down the windows and turn the heat up." she rolled down her window and i wrapped myself in a blanket.

we went to the grocery store. because they needed some things and i needed to get out of the house. it was only two days, but the thing about being unemployed is that every day feels like a snow day. not being able to leave the house whenever you feel like it is unenjoyable, to say the least.

but, like i said, it warmed up on monday, everything melted, and it was back to business as usual, and thank god for that.

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