good reads | scary close + carry on, warrior.

scary close, by donald miller.

don miller is one of those authors who writes books you feel like you want to start reading again as soon as you finish them. i can't tell you how many times i've read and re-read his other books, and this one is much the same. with so many years and life events (a wedding!) between this book and the one before it, i was very curious and excited to see what he would come up with.

although this book is technically about emotional intimacy and his journey to getting married, it is not geared toward people in relationships. i would say its target market is more like anyone who is in any kind of relationship with another person. which is everyone. and anyone who is a fan of any of his earlier books will enjoy reading this one as well, because you can literally see how much he's grown and learned, and how awesome his wife is.

carry on, warrior, by glennon doyle melton.

someone instagrammed a page from this book with a few highlighted parts and i loved it so much that i went head and purchased the book from amazon. like, within thirty minutes of seeing that post. sometimes you just have to trust your instincts, you know? also, social media is a thing that works sometimes.

this book is full of honest and real stories. the kind that make you laugh and think, "yes! i get that!" the kind that make you feel less alone in your crazy. the kind that make you pause and think, "oh wow. you wrote that? in a book? that has been published in ink? that lots of people READ?" it's raw and vulnerable and bold and i loved every page of it. life is so full of messy, grey areas and glennon melton just calls it like she sees it, based on her personal experiences, whether anyone else agrees or not: love wins.