last week, i got an email from the fray or the fray fan club or whatever it was with information on how to win tickets to see them play in new york for the artists den, which i had never heard of before. basically, you can apply to get tickets to see bands play and they email you if you got them. i guess it's some kind of show that they air on pbs, with a live audience, but you can't buy tickets. so the fray was filming an episode in new york city and i was given the link to apply for tickets.

without even thinking twice, i clicked the link and applied. new york is close enough. it's doable, so it wasn't completely outrageous that i applied. but i didn't expect to win. well, a few hours later, i received an email telling me i was chosen. WHAT.

it was completely unexpected, so i hadn't thought through any of the details of what i'd do if i got chosen. it was a tuesday night in new york city. who would go with me? how would i get there? i'd have to take time off from work, but what would my mom/boss say about that? and, again, who would go with me? who's crazy enough to go to new york city mid-week to see the fray?

well, t said she'd go with me, which i loved. she's like my fray friend who goes with me to all the shows. even the ones that are crazy, mid-week shows that i only get tickets to by being an obsessed fan. (like that time she went to boston with me on a wednesday.) and my mom was more than okay with me going and missing work. she just kept saying, "it's the fray! i'd never say no to the fray! it's the fray!"

so last night, t and i made our way to the city and watched the fray put on an amazing performance. once i  get my thoughts together and upload my pictures, i'll post more about it. it was definitely a night to remember.