over the weekend.

sevier park fest was this past weekend and while i didn't even know it was a thing that existed, nor do i usually take part in these types of activities, there's a first time for everything.

on friday night, as part of the festival, penny & sparrow and johnnyswim played a (paid) show, which i wasn't going to go to (because, paid) until my roommate ended up with an extra ticket because her friend who was supposed to come from out of town and go had a change of plans. lucky me!

as you know, from the amount of time you showed up here only to see that same old p&s post sitting atop the blog, i love me some penny & sparrow. they are good musicians.

johnnyswim, on the other hand. it's not that they're not talented (they are), it's just that i didn't enjoy their live show. i don't really like being all negative nancy on here, especially since lots of people really do love them and very much enjoy their live performance. i just found it (and their between-song banter) to be lacking.

(but, let's also not forget that when i saw andrew belle play black bear songs live, i was unimpressed so what do i know.)

on saturday, i had a pretty productive morning that included some last-minute work i had to do, which was pretty unfortunate. but i met up with my friend christyn that afternoon for lunch and some wandering around sevier park fest. the things we do best.

it was gloriously beautiful out. the kind of warm but-not-too-hot and sunny weather that makes me feel like i could almost maybe be an outside person. especially if there is a chocolate ice cream cone involved. (which there was.)

later, we said goodbye to JL, who has now moved back to canada.

i met her at canadian thanksgiving at my house, and then again at a coffee shop. when i ran into her at church a few months later, i decided we needed to be friends, and so we hung out.

for a person who doesn't know how to drive, she certainly gets around (literally). she is always doing something, always traveling somewhere, and no matter where she is or what she's doing, she's making friends along the way. she is strong and bold and fun and so inspiring. going back to canada wasn't what she really wanted, but she's been able to see it for what it is: her next adventure. and if there's anyone who can handle what she's up against, it's JL.

sunday was a lot of nothing. and by nothing, i mean errands and cleaning and music listening. and this, from this photo shoot, but using that how-old-do-i-look app. i'm sure you've seen it by now. it's  ridiculously inaccurate.

you are welcome.