october, in photos.

jon mclaughlin "and friends" – aka dave barnes.

i believe this is the part where dave is explaining how he somehow convinced his musician friends (inlcluding jon mcl) to not only move to nashville, but purchase homes on his same street.

did you hear about that genius marketing move netflix made to promote gilmore girls by turning coffeeshops across america into pop-up luke's diners? if you don't know what i'm talking about, then i'm afraid we can't be friends. or at least not until you've watched all seven seasons of gilmore girls on netflix and can have an in-depth conversation about which of rory's boyfriends is your favorite (pro tip: it should not be dean).

anyway, on this day, i met my friend christyn at tab's coffeeshop/luke's. we parked far away, stood in line for about 15 minutes, took a picture of the line, and then went to an actual diner to drink bottomless coffee. honestly, this felt like the most gilmore-esque thing we could've done.

on the friday after the luke's madness, tab and i went out for margaritas to celebrate her survival after working that 13-hour day.

also, i feel compelled to clarify that we were not intentionally posing with the salsa, but it makes me laugh to see how it appears that way. we just really like our chips and salsa, okay?

hurricane matthew happened, and my mom works for this guy who owns frying pan tower, which is a decommissioned coast guard light station that now operates as a bed and breakfast, and they had a livestream video feed during the hurricane, which i found to be endlessly fascinating. i could not stop watching the way the ocean moved.

favorite activity: reading at the parthenon in centennial park.

tab and i went for doughnuts one day and found a pop-up pumpkin patch in 12 south.

i had about an hour to kill, so i spent it at the green hills library, which i did not realize looks like this. so pretty.

early birthday celebration with molls, five points pizza, pumpkin beer, and gilmore girls.

these baby toes are the reason mondays don't really feel like mondays. you know what i mean?

i saw my friend fleurie play and i decided that if i was a musician, i'd want my name written in light-up letters behind me too. except i'm not a musician.

she was great, and it turned out that the guy she opened for is ...a rapper. and it turned out that, while i felt hilariously out of place, i did not hate it at all.


and here i am, post-church (kids church) brushing up on my chop sticks skills.

still got it.