I barely wrote anything down this month. I'm not sure what happened. With the writing, or during the month. I have nothing documented, except for that I got a paper cut on November 2 from the tour posters I was filling out at my internship. Yeah. Those are the kinds of things I write about in my personal journal. I like to keep it interesting.

So, all I have to go on here is what I've already posted to the blog, and you can feel free to look back through my November posts on your own time. I will say that I posted a few blogs this month that were much like that one I posted to my 16-year-old self in that I wrote them, hit publish, and then covered my eyes. Yay for writing outside my comfort zone!

Mainly, the biggest thing that happened this month was that I spent almost a whole week with my people, who I hadn't seen in approximately four months. FOUR. MONTHS. I already posted about it, but I cannot mention it enough. I am so thankful for that time we got to spend together. And I already posted about being thankful too, but seriously. I feel incredibly overwhelmed with how blessed I am.

So, that was November. I am quite ready for December and Christmastime and new year's planning.