NEVER HAVE I EVER : katie heaney.

this book is funny. i found it on the shelf at target one day while i was browsing and, can i be honest? i totally judge books (and music) by their covers. and titles. and fonts. anyway, this one caught my attention and i picked it up, read the title, and said "oh my god" right out loud in the book aisle. if there was ever a book written entirely about my life.

okay, it's not exactly my life (…obviously) but it did sort of feel a lot like my life story, basically, written by someone else. someone funnier. and there were a lot of moments where she describes things that are so real, but i've never thought to put words to.

i loved it, but i wouldn't necessarily recommend it unless you're into memoir-type books. from single girls. about their 25 years of singleness. OR if you are feeling like you want an inside look at what that life is actually like. which, i feel like is a legitimate thing because people are always shocked/ fascinated/ cannot comprehend it. (??)