music monday: LEAGUES.

Sometimes the people I follow on Twitter will all tweet about the same music and that's when I know I need to check it out, if I haven't already. Because it's not just one of my favorite people saying it, it's ALL OF THEM. It doesn't happen all the time, but it's how I found some great bands.

LEAGUES is one of those bands. Of course, it helps that my friend Leah brought them up in conversation on one of our weekly Starbucks dates (which are, sadly, no longer weekly since we live a few hundred miles apart). She asked if I listened to them because she downloaded their songs from NoiseTrade and couldn't stop listening to it, even though there are only three songs, and she just kept playing them over and over. At that point, I hadn't listened yet, but certainly planned to, because everyone on Twitter and in real life were talking about it.

Unfortunately, it's not available on NoiseTrade anymore, since this all happened about a year and a half ago, but you can get the Leagues – Single tracks on iTunes and I highly recommend that you do that. I promise it will be the best $2.97 you ever spent. This band is amazing. Those songs are amazing. And, last November, I got to see them live, and that was amazing.

Next year (which seems like a long time but is actually only a couple months away), LEAGUES will be releasing their debut album, You Belong Here, on January 29! You can pre-order the album through Pledge Music and get TWO exclusive songs that you won't be able to get anywhere else and a digital download of the album and bonus tracks TWO WEEKS before the release date. (Hello. Yes.) The more you pledge, the more goodies you can get. Like a vinyl or signed copies or handwritten lyrics or an acoustic house show.

Today, they have released the video for their new single, "Spotlight." Directed by the talented Allister Ann.

"Spotlight," by Leagues.