1. i started a new year and a new blog and this new thing where i make sure i write something down at least once a day in an attempt to better document things that happen and such. (which has been extremely helpful in constructing this list because some of the things that happened just a few weeks ago seem like they happened a few months ago. what.)

2. i decided to quit my job in may. i second guess this decision every day and every day i end up where i started: i'm quitting.

3. i tried nutella and found out that i LOVE it. and then i wrote an entire blog post about it.

4. i saw matt nathanson for the first time. and probably the last time.

5. this happened.

6. i said hello again to someone, and i said goodbye to someone. i don't really care to dish out many details about these particular happenings, but i figured i'd throw it in the mix because they take up quite a few pages in my un-published journal.

7. i went bowling. which is something i haven't done in, oh, 12 years? it turns out, i'm not as amazing in real-life bowling as i am in wii bowling. we played three games and i'm pretty sure that if you add my three scores together, the total would equal a decent score for one game. BUT good times were had and i did get a strike, so it was all worth it.

8. i went to hillsong/nyc for the first time. and i say "for the first time," not because i enjoy quoting lyrics from the script, but because there will be a second time. and a third, fourth, twelfth, you know. i absolutely LOVED it.

9. i went on the treadmill this many times. #pathetic

10. i read two books: extremely loud & incredibly close, by jonathan safran foer and a million miles in a thousand years, by donald miller. and i will be posting more about these good reads in the near future. which may or may not be thursday.

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