listen to this : matthew mayfield + a great big world.

i've been having this problem with syncing my music to my phone and it's been a bit of an issue because i go through phases with music and i'm so over the phase of what was stuck on my phone and i was starting to dread any length of time i would have to spend in my car because of the awful music choices i had. that's a little dramatic. and also what we call a first world problem. i know. my point is, i finally sat down and did some serious googling and after restarting my phone and my computer and de-syncing and re-syncing, i finally have new and updated playlists just in time for the drive to (and from) charlotte this week.

although, let's be honest. i have a whole slew of new music options but we all know i'll be listening to the same things on repeat. which are these things:

matthew mayfield | 72 songs – every release

i recently saw him open for green river ordinance and i'm pretty sure i fell in love a little bit that night because, that voice! it's so good. i cannot get enough of it. and thankfully, he's compiled every song he's ever released into one neat playlist which he is giving away (FOR FREE) on noisetrade.

a great big world feat. christina aguilera | "say something"

all i can really say is that i've been listening to this song practically on repeat since i first heard it a few days ago. crystal played it for me and it's pretty much unanimous among us roommates. we're obsessed.

i've also downloaded packing light by allison vesterfelt from noisetrade and plan on giving the audiobook thing another try on my long drive.