march forward.

these tiny toes are 4 months, 10 months, and 1 year old.

these tiny toes are 4 months, 10 months, and 1 year old.

the first two months of the year felt quiet. slow moving. march felt like a small shift. a stirring of the pot. maybe because i worked a lot, which always feels productive. maybe because february was short, which always makes march feel longer.

it's still march, i caught myself thinking on multiple occasions. but then, so what if it is? that just means there's still time.

that's what march felt like for me. progress. making moves. baby steps. and every time i felt tired or stuck: keep going. there's still time.

other march things.

wearing this new lyric tee from andrew belle.
like every day. (and i mean every day i'm not wearing my nanny uniform, i'm wearing this shirt.) because, no big deal, but that's just my handwriting. on a t-shirt. for andrew belle. (!!) you can get one here.

supporting branden harvey's goodnewspaper.
i've already written about this, but it launched this month and the window for you to get in on it closes the morning of april 12. here's the thing: it is already fully funded on kickstarter. so no, this project doesn't need you in order for it to be created. but i think you need this project. subscribe here.

following along with the "seven mile miracle" series at elevation church.
i will maybe tell you about each new series they do this year, but only because they are so good. "no more nails" is the one that had me clapping and crying in my car on the way to work.

trying out nanny sharing.
i actually didn't know this was a thing until i did some research on what to charge for watching two babies from two separate families at the same time. what i did was a two week arrangement to fill in the gap between the mom going back to work and the baby going to daycare.

it was a long two weeks, and props to moms of multiples, is all i have to say about that.

listening to souvenir, by drew holcomb and the neighbors.
this was the first album drew has released since i quit working for him a year and a half ago, and it felt weird to not be part of this project. to not know the songs and the words and the stories behind them, fueling the excitement for their release. i was worried i wouldn't like this one, that it would be hard to follow up a much loved album like medicine, but i keep coming back to these songs. of course i do. drew holcomb is one of a kind.

it almost feels a little full-circle with "mama's sunshine, daddy's rain," a song describing how grown and different EL is now, compared to when i'd push her back and forth in the stroller backstage, playing "good light" over and over, trying to get her to sleep.

reading the magnolia story.
y'all, i don't even watch fixer upper, but a friend let me borrow her copy. (who doesn't love chip and jo?) i need a chip gaines in my life, is what i'm gathering so far. someone who looks at my "someday" notebook and challenges me to take action right now.

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