l a t e l y.

um, hi. it's been like four months.

i feel like i do deserve some credit though, because i posted that p&s blog within days of attending the show and i was all LOOK AT ME GO, while also knowing that realistically it would probably be weeks until my next post.

(but, no. i know that being aware of a situation is not the same thing as making it better.) (also i just looked at when i posted that last blog, to make sure the p&s blog was the last thing i posted, because it was THAT long ago, and i realized that it has actually been a full month+ since i last blogged.) (i would apologize, but i can't say it won't ever happen again.)

easter was a lot, though. a lot of days, a lot of fun, a lot of photos. and, since then i have been a semi-social person who continuously chooses sleep and netflix over blogging. however, i will say that i HAVE been working on a few posts here and there for at least a couple weeks, but all of them are only half written. and, the OCD part of me feels like i can't post anything until i write about easter, but i just actually really miss writing and then hitting "publish" and so here i am.

here's to not waiting until things are perfectly perfect before posting.

in the mean time, in case you're interested, here are some things i've been doing while i haven't been blogging.

+ i explored a new part of town with a friend one saturday. we parked on the side of a random street and just walked. we talked about life and work and how we wished we could live in one of those lofts we happened upon, with the big windows and exposed brick. we stopped to google how much rent is for one of those and to admire (and take pictures of) the cherry blossom trees. we drank coffee and sat on a bench in front of a fountain where a little boy was playing in the water. sometimes you don't need an actual plan when you hang out with a friend. sometimes you can just make it up as you go along, and it ends up being the best kind of day with the best kind of friend.

+ i saw ellie kemper speak at vanderbilt. my friend tab sort of freaked out when she got a text from her friend who works there, saying it was happening. i sort of just looked at her, until she said "erin from the office" and "kimmy schmidt" and then, !!

(side note: she received this text while we were together, at the movies, about to watch that new nicholas sparks movie, the longest ride, which i enjoyed far more than i thought i would. which means you won't feel like you've wasted two hours of your life if you go ahead and see it. at the very least, you will enjoy seeing two hours of scott eastwood.) (<-- my review. it's very insightful, i know.)

we ended up being able to go for free, which was amazing because (1) we were like fifteen minutes late because, vandy campus. and (2) it was entirely in q&a format and while it was enjoyable to hear ellie answer questions, college kids are awkward and probably 85% of all the questions were essentially asking the same thing.

+ for anyone who knows my love for andrew belle. BLACK BEAR HUSHED ON VINYL.

(i took this excited photo at the end of a very long day in my terribly lit kitchen and put a black and white filter on it in hopes that it would help disguise the bags under my eyes. it didn't work, but i'm still posting it here because BLACK BEAR HUSHED ON VINYL, YOU GUYS.)

i feel like i am always slightly surprised at myself whenever i lose my chill over anything andrew belle related. i guess it's because i have known about him for a long time, ever since that time i met him at a TOT show in boston and wasn't like, particularly impressed. but ever since black bear was released (almost two years ago), i've become obsessed.

it also may have a little something to do with that hair.

+ this one morning, i worked on the couch before i went in to the office, and kitty took advantage of the opportunity to sneak in some morning cuddles. the thing you have to know about this kitty is that he likes his own space and, especially since my roommates got a new kitty, he is not really into the cuddling thing. except when he is, and even then he usually just sits next to you on the couch. this day, he was sitting on my shoulders with his head tucked into my neck like he just HAD to be all up in my space.

which was sweet and all except for that i'm allergic.

+ and, i will leave you with this. this is what it looks like when you take a selfie at your desk at work, which happens to be located directly in front a table of interns, to send in your family group text after you collectively decide to send photos of yourselves so you can all see each other's faces because (some of) you live so far apart.