june, in photos.

babysitting. (she had me draw this, and told me which specific colors to use.)

reading high fidelity, borrowed from the library. instead of underlining, i have a lot of these types of pictures on my phone.

backstage at the grand ole opry, wearing all black, drinking all the coffee, hanging out with one of my favorite bands. (lol––i worked at the klove fan awards as an artist liaison, which means i was less "hanging out with" and more "following around" one of my favorite bands. but, like, it was my job so it wasn't creepy at all.)

the lighting here is clearly for the opry sign, and not for any tourists who want to take photos in front of it, which feels kind of inconsiderate, don't you think?

after seeing me before you.

i write out these things sometimes. recently, i taped some to my wall and realized the tape used for this one is ripped in the shape of tennessee.

more babysitting, with the snuggliest pair of dogs.

if you're looking for something to watch one netflix. highly recommend. ^

(pro tip: if you're thinking about watching already tomorrow in hong kong, stop. watch before we go instead.)

my love for andrew belle is endless and sort of happened all at once when his album black bear came out. the thing about this shirt is that it's shown on his website at a v-neck and i just couldn't bring myself to purchase a shirt (even an ab shirt) that was a v-neck. but it's almost time for a new album cycle and i just felt like, even if i wore the v-neck to bed, i needed to have one. to commemorate my love for black bear.

this sounds insane, but if you ask anyone who worked with me around the time it (and the hushed ep) came out, they would tell you my love for him is, well, insane. i prefer to think of it as unprecedented.

anyway, i went ahead and ordered one and i was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is something of a crew neck/scoop neck hybrid and it is AMAZING. most of them are sold out, otherwise i would've gone ahead and ordered like three more just to have on hand.

because, ab.

oh, and posted here to document because what else is a blog for, if not to record my fangirl tendencies for all the world to see?

girls' night, taco night.