june 22, 2011

living in a hotel really has its pros and cons.
pro: someone else makes your bed, cleans your room, and empties your trash for you.
con: someone else is in your room, when you’re not there, touching your stuff and probably judging you by the things you think are important enough to bring with you into a hotel.
pro: you get to jump on the bed all you want.
con: the bed is uncomfortable and impossible to sleep on. not to mention the potential grossness.
pro: it feels like you’re on vacation.
con: it’s deceiving because you’re not on vacation and you still have to wake up early to go to work. and, when you literally live one town over, it’s definitely not a vacation.
pro: you get to share a room with your brother again.
con: you have to share a room with your brother again, which means you have to change in the bathroom and turn the light off at 10:30 p.m. because he has to get up for work “in a few hours.”
pro: it’s like an adventure!
con: you’re actually just living out of a suitcase. (unless you’re my mom and choose to unpack your entire suitcase the minute you check in.) (i am not my mom.)
pro: you get free breakfast.
con: you have no groceries, so you have to buy lunch.
pro: it’s literally right next to the highway.
con: it’s literally right next to the highway.
pro: ..i ran out of pros.
con: the guy across the hall, who the lady at the front desk refers to as a regular here, is a chain smoker and you’re allergic to cigarette smoke. not to mention the fact that secondhand smoke also kills people.
/please excuse my current state of pessimism, which is caused by the fact that needtobreathe (and t swift) are in town tonight and i don’t have tickets.