half way.


we are half way through 2017, and i only just realized it as i was thinking of what to call this post. these little monthly recaps, a thing i always somehow end up doing, started by accident this year, when i wrote a post at the end of january, only one month in, called "this year, so far."

i wrote that post because while everyone seemed to be starting out the year hustling, my life had been calm and restful and i felt like i had nothing to offer, except to say that "nothing" felt so refreshing. i had things i was looking forward to this year, of course. things unseen that, in spite of me not knowing when or how or even what, made me so excited i could hardly sit still. but each one of them came with a little tag: not yet. be still.

rest up.

i snapped this photo of my feet in the midst of taking a bunch of the boy i nanny as he piled rocks onto the concrete and, one by one, put them back. my life in 2017 feels like it has reached a turning point. the first half of the year was full of rest and daydreaming, practicing and playing. but now, things are shifting.

june felt like a small step toward clarity. things that once seemed impossible, solid as concrete, are now taking shape and becoming more tangible.

june happenings.

looking at andrew belle's website. because, y'all, that is my handwriting.

listening to jaymes young's debut album, feel something.

studying the book of romans, via she reads truth.

planning for exciting things.

remembering to enjoy summer.

praying for nathan and eilee. again and again.

this year so far

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