i am thankful for:

My family and the time we get to spend together, all seven of us in a tiny two-bedroom apartment, celebrating Thanksgiving and our cluster of birthdays. My roommates! But seriously, my roommates. The managers I work with at my internship and their patience with my undecidedness. The space heater they just put in the intern office to keep me from freezing all day. Watermark, complete with its awesome staff who always make me laugh when I want to pull my hair out in boredom. My mom, for keeping me employed after I quit, twice. My new friends, who showed me love on my first birthday away from home. My friends from back home, whose love I can feel all the way from here. Jesus, obviously. (I feel like that one's a given, but just to clarify. He makes the list. He is the list.) Music. My new hair dresser, who didn't judge me as she trimmed off inches of dead ends. Blog readers and commenters. (I LOVE YOU.) Espresso. My new chiropractors, who help make me healthier and relieve me of my "chronic daily headaches" at an incredibly discounted price. Melanie, for letting me use her Netflix account to re-watch old loves like One Tree Hill and new loves like Parenthood. Julie, for reminding me to quit something on Thursdays. The Target that is two song-lengths away from where I live. My Canadian roommates and friends, who included me in their Canadian Thanksgiving festivities. My closet, which is twice the size of the one I grew up with. For the clothes I am able to fill that closet with. Warm southern weather. Angie Smith and her inspiring words. Grace. Forgiveness.

You guys, I have A LOT to be thankful for. This doesn't even scratch the surface.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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