how to watch the thanksgiving day road race.

  1. wake up super early and make sure that you park your truck in a prime watching spot so that you can save your spot for when you come back when the race starts and so that you can have a place to sit while watching. (thankfully the leamy's have this system all worked out nicely.)
  2. dress appropriately for the weather. make sure your outfit includes multiple layers and multiple pairs of socks, a hat, mittens or gloves, and a scarf. note: this is one of these times where you may need to sacrifice fashion for warmth.
  3. bring blankets.
  4. make sure that as you watch, you're looking up the street a little bit. trying to look at all the runners going by right in front of you will make you dizzy.
  5. clap and cheer for the runners so that they feel encouraged to keep going. if you eventually get tired of clapping or cheering, it's okay to take a little break, but remember that it's the least you can do since you're not running.
  6. take pictures of the runners who have neat costumes.
  7. yell for the people you know personally and make sure you use last names, otherwise they won't hear you or realize you're yelling to them.

also, a little something i like to do for fun while i watch is point out all the reasons why i like watching more than i would like running. but that's a post for another day.

i hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!