high five for friday, without the five.

i'm tempted to say the only high point in this week is today–the fact that it's friday, and that the week is thankfully and finally over. but that's not true, i'm sure there were high points, i'm just too tired too exhausted too sleepy-but-not-able-to-sleep.

it has been a week. a week of long hours and tasks that are all a priority and that all need to be done right now. which, is obviously is impossible. it's been a week of trying really hard and maybe not smiling as much as i could have. they used to tell me to smile more, when i worked as a hostess, on nights when we were busy and i was too focused on clearing tables, resetting tables, doing things that weren't in my job description so that i could do my job, as a hostess, and seat our guests within a reasonable range of their original reservation time.

sorry i don't have time to smile when i'm doing ALL THE THINGS.

(for the record, that only happened a handful of times because it was a rare occasion when my restaurant would be that busy.)

(also, it's ironic i mention it, today of all days. valentine's day. you know that's the worse day of all–new year's eve included–for restaurants. if there was ever a day i wanted to walk out and simply give up because i felt like i couldn't hack it, it was valentine's day.)

i guess that's something high five worthy. it's friday, it's valentine's day, and i no longer work in the service industry.

there was also that day this week where i was so in the weeds (restaurant term!) with a lot of things to do and not a lot of interns or time in the day, and my life-saver friend tabitha came, brought coffee, and helped out.

this was also the week in which i discovered that reese's hearts are a thing. and not only are they the extra-delicious peanut-butter-to-chocolate-ratio holiday-themed reese's we all know and love, but the hearts are so dang cute!

(i won't even mention the part where i bought a bag of fun-sized hearts at target so i could eat as many as i wanted without feeling bad about it because they're just little, because i'd just had one of those days at work where i messed up the simplest and maybe most important thing i had to do all week.) (or maybe i will mention it, as i just did.)

it has been a week.

but you know, i love my job and i love the work that i do. sometimes it's overwhelming and sometimes it feels like not even all the coffee in the world is enough to help me get by and sometimes by the end of the week i am in desperate need of a weekend. but there's nothing else i'd rather be doing. there hasn't been a day this week where i dreaded getting out of bed for work.

and i think that's enough for all the high fives.

well, that, and the fact that i live in that area of land that didn't get any snow this week. but, you guys. people here complain about this type of thing. like sledding is at the top of the 'most fun thing to do ever' list.

you know what they say. the grass is always greener on the other side. except, in this case, the grass is always covered in snow on the other side.

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