hello, twenty fourteen.

i'm just feeling a little behind. (a little? i haven't blogged real things since thanksgiving. hello!) just yesterday i went through my bloglovin' feed to discover that i was posts and posts behind in my blog reading, which only made me feel stressed out about my own blogging habits. how to people keep up with blogging regularly, especially during the holidays? maybe one day i'll figure it out, but for now i won't apologize for my absence, because there is no way i would ever be willing to choose blogging (photos of my nephew) over actually hanging out with him (and taking photos).

speaking of which. i realized upon uploading and sorting through the photos i've taken recently that my posts about what i've been up to the past two weeks will weigh heavily on the side of I'M AN AUNT. but i want to point out for the record that luca was not, in fact, the only person i saw over the holidays. he's just the only one who looks so darn cute ALL OF THE TIME. which i've got loads of proof of.

for example.

in other news,

happy new year.

i'm still here, and while i don't actually have any solid goals or ideas for the new year, blogging will still be a thing. (when i have a minute.) and i do have some things to write about, you just have to promise not to judge when i write about things like christmas when it's like mid-to-late january. deal?