GRO / 09.29.2012

the only picture i got: my view from the merch table.

Green River Ordinance is one of the bands managed by Good Time Inc, the management company I intern for. They are also the reason I have the internship, because one time at a show, I was chatting with their drummer about my life dreams (I can't help but talk about it, okay) and he gave me an email address.

Fast forward to Saturday night, when they played a show in Nashville and, as an intern, I helped work their merch table. I got there early and met up with my fellow intern (co-intern?), who is currently touring with them, and I ran into the drummer. After saying "hello" and hugging and me briefly explaining that, yes, I did finally make it to Nashville, he turned to the other intern and said, "We go way back."

It wasn't until later, when I thought about how far back "way back" actually was, that I realized it was almost exactly three years ago when I first discovered/met GRO. And I thought about where I was and where I am and how, if you had told me then where I'd be now, I would probably have hugged you. Because back then, I was sad and confused and paying for a semester of college I had dropped out of. But it was actually the beginning of a really amazing adventure and I had absolutely no idea.

Anyway, all of that is kind of irrelevant. The show was fantastic and they played a great set (and so many of my favorite songs) and I think it may have been the best one yet. Even though I was the furthest away that I've ever been and the only picture I got doesn't even include any of the band members. Unless you count the faces you can see on the poster on the table in front of me.