good time christmas time.

last wednesday, we celebrated christmas all day at work. secret santa gift exchange during the day, christmas party at night.

this photo of all of us was taken by the ups guy who always sighs heavily when he delivers our many packages and consistently asks me to see what i can do about putting in an elevator to our floor (the basement). he happened to arrive right as we finished exchanging our secret santa gifts, so we made him some hot chocolate with marshmallows and a candy cane in exchange for him taking this photo. my eyes are very squinty here, but i assure you they were open and i'm not asian.

also, "good times." because that will never not be funny (

and matt wertz totally agrees

), and also because molly, who wrote it, unintentionally made that joke in her interview for the internship and that may or may not be why she was actually hired.

my secret santa (my intern, noelle) got me this SUPER COMFY scarf, this mug, and peppermint hot chocolate. i snapped a photo to show T (of course) so you can see too. so cute, right? she knows me well. or maybe it's just obvious, since i'm always wanting to steal the comfy scarves that the interns come in with. "WHERE DID YOU GET THAT AND CAN I FEEL HOW SOFT IT IS?"

also, i'm always (


) cold in that office, and scarves can double as blankets so it's a win-win.

i'm not sure we got a lot of work done that day, what with all the eating of pizza, cookies, and candy canes. and then, of course, taking turns shooting at things (and each other) with the nerf gun molly got john. but i don't think anyone has any regrets.

here feels like a great time to include this photo of the interns that i took, that i was a little nervous about, because you don't get a second chance with polaroids, you know. there is no "i took like seven just in case." i think i did pretty okay.

later, we all met up at dave & buster's, which i'd never been to before, for dinner, bowling, and games. bowling was pretty okay. there were a lot of gutter balls, a few spares, and exactly one strike (!!) on my part, and i learned that i have no idea how bowling scores are actually calculated.

the games were better, except i ended up playing this coin game that i can't really describe except that after probably my fifth time playing it, i asked if that was what it felt like when people played casino games. because i kept being

so close

 and wanting to play again so i could win more.

even though all i was "winning" were tickets (and it wasn't actually my money i was spending).

also, my intern molly played this one game where you press a button and whatever number you stop on is how many tickets you get. it was one of the first games we played and on her first try, she hit the bonus and won a thousand tickets. and i'm such a good person that i stood there while the machine spit out all one thousand tickets took photos while it was happening.

and she's such a good person that she combined her bucket of tickets with mine at the end of the night so we could get better prizes, like a pink glitter lamp and a magnetic dart board to have in the office.

because nothing says it's a good time quite like a glitter lamp and a magnetic dart board.