flashback friday.

I wasn't going to post today. I haven't been posting on Fridays, as a conscious decision not to, because it's the end of the week and I'm usually exhausted and sometimes no words are better than writing some just for the sake of writing them. By the time Friday comes, I usually just need a break. And chocolate. This week, especially, because plans changed at the last minute and things are not happening the way they were supposed to and trying to be okay with it is taking all of my energy.

But Sunday is my birthday and I thought it might be fun to see the things I wrote around this time in the past. That's one of the best things about writing and blogging. You can go back and read the things you wrote about your life a year ago, or two or three years ago. It's incredible to remember things you've forgotten about and to see how much things have changed. Or not changed.

2011: A few snow flakes fell the night before my birthday, which I thought was completely outrageous. Looking back, I can't help but laugh and think oh, honey. Because what I didn't know when I was ranting about a small snow flurry was that the day after my birthday, the snow would come like never before and knock out the power for an entire week.

2010: I turned twenty one. An age that I used to pick while playing "House" when I was little. An age I thought was appropriate to pick for a game like "House" because it was old enough for a husband and baby, but still young. Because anything over 21 felt too old. I mean, clearly I had no concept of age.  At all. Which is perhaps why turning twenty one felt so unreal to me. No one told me that 21 was not old. That it actually feels more like 18 than husband-and-baby age.

2009: I said nothing about my actual birthday, but this was the year of the surprise party and my favorite birthday ever. Which is probably why I had no words for it. Because there just aren't any for how overwhelmingly happy and loved I felt this particular year.

2008: I said nothing about my birthday this year. Probably because I think it was the year I was sick with what my mom will tell you was the swine flu. I was never technically tested because, by the time I went to the doctor, they had stopped actually testing people for it. But she will tell you she is certain it was. Because she knows her kids. (Literally. She told me this just the other day.) Also, I was still using MySpace as my blog platform in 2008. Ha.

And this is as far back as I can go. Because my blog platform pre-MySpace was ModBlog and that doesn't exist anymore. Although I kind of wish it did because what did I even write on there?

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