february, in photos.

started this month in the most exciting way: as a maid of honor.

from hannah brencher's if you find this letter.


if there's one thing i learned about myself while on tour, it's that i love to color. on this particular saturday, we went to michael's for one thing and walked out with coloring books instead.

i am obsessed with this sweatshirt.

did the thing i have said out loud, multiple times that i would never do (and could never wrap my mind around why anyone did): joined snapchat.

at this point, i'm only in it for following and not for posting. BUT STILL.

i don't know who i am anymore, especially because i can count on one hand the number of times i've driven with the windows down.

found the kitties cuddling in the most random spot as i was walking out the door one day. they like laying on things, including a random bag by the front door, apparently.

we ate pancakes at cracker barrell and then rocked in the rocking chairs. guess how old we are?