i almost forgot about february.

in january, i kept thinking a few weeks ahead. to march. like i forgot the whole month that fits in between. like i forgot february existed.

i keep thinking to the months ahead. there are things i know will happen in 2017 that i don't know the specific details about, or the timing of. so i keep looking ahead. to march. to june. to august. i keep daydreaming about what those months will look like, though i know it'll be beyond anything i can think of or imagine.

maybe i knew february was too soon for anything to start moving. that it would be another quiet month. i skipped right over it in my head. i'm too excited about 2017 to sit still.

but that was february. sitting still. feeling better. establishing a morning routine. loving my people. re-learning that you can lesson as the boy i nanny is figuring out how to walk, and find balance in his steps.

other february things.

i chopped my hair. it's also darker. and it's funny to notice how girls will notice the shorter length, and guys will notice the darker color.

tbcø turned THREE. and we celebrated by having church at the mother church (the ryman).

i started reading chasing slow. by erin loechner. her story telling and truth telling is my favorite, and what i needed in my february.

this year so far