drew holcomb and the neighbors : 11.08.2013

friday night, drew holcomb and the neighbors played their hometown show in nashville and SOLD. OUT. do you see all those heads? yeah, those are fans. who dance and sing and wear "love your neighbors" t-shirts.

the thing about a sold out show as a fan is that you know you're in a place filled to capacity with other people who love that band probably as much as you do, and it's awesome to know that they're doing well and selling out shows and you play a small part in that. but when that band is your band, and you've worked really hard to promote them and that show in order to sell it out? well that's a whole new level of awesome. it felt really good, is what i'm saying.

and the band? i realized i've never actually seen them play a headlining set before. i'm usually the one who's backstage or at home with the baby. (no complaints there, though. she is a sweetheart.) but this band, you guys. they are so good, and they are so good live.

i am really so incredibly blessed to be able to work with such sweet and talented people. holy smokes.

(and also, for those of you who follow along. EL turned one on saturday and i'm just really feeling blown away by this because i'm pretty sure it was only like a month ago that i went on the road with them and watched as she practiced sitting up by herself at four and a half months old. so, i don't know. a whole year old? no way.)