connecticut | for leah's wedding.

i remember the night leah and i were catching up over the phone when she told me about this guy she met. maybe it was the story of how they met, or the details she gave, or the way her voice sounded as she talked about him, but something about it made me think, well that's it.

it's funny how you can be going along, living your life, and then you meet a guy at a coffee shop one night and the whole rest of your life is changed.

i met him a few weeks later when i flew to california to visit leah for the first time after she moved. i had booked my flights months before they met, not knowing that when i finally got to hug my friend again, i'd also get to shake hands with her future husband. when i met him, it had only been about a month into their relationship, but i kept forgetting that. they just seemed to fit so well already.

these are the things i keep thinking about. we used to sit in starbucks together, when we both still lived in connecticut, and talk about the future. where we'd live, what marriage might look like for us (and who our husbands might be), how excited we were to find out. and now, on this weekend of her wedding, i kept thinking about how we had no idea. our college-aged selves, who regularly closed down our local starbucks with all our daydreaming, could never have imagined how incredible life would turn out to be.

the thing that gets me is knowing that in another five years, i'll look back and think the same thing about these days: i had no idea good it would get.

i didn't take many photos, and even forgot to take one of me and the bride herself (why am i the worst). in fact, that adorable photo at the top is one of the three i snapped. i got lucky. i wanted to enjoy the day, to soak it all in, to watch my friend walk down the aisle through my own watery eyes instead of through a screen.

as guests, though, J and abs, her brother matt, and i found ourselves with some extra time on our hands.

later, we hung out with H and her bf and ate randy's wooster street pizza, because i specifically requested it. when in connecticut!

on sunday, we started the day together again, eating waffles with strawberries and chocolate chips. and decided to spend our few remaining hours on a hike.