color me RAD.

josh credit, me, jenn, rel, abs, james.

since i didn't move yet, i got to run color me rad. which, basically, is a 5k (not timed) where you wear a white t-shirt and as you're running, they throw color on you. so fun, right? (it is.)

above is the 'before' photo. the letters on our stomachs (or, in james' case, abs) spell out "paneckimania," which was our team name. and, let me tell you, we were the best team out there. by far. (i'm just being honest.) as you can see, we had those awesome bandannas, decorated shirts, and james strapped on a speaker with his ipod so we had music to run to.

below is the 'after' photo. after all the fun and the running and the color and the banana eating. (or, in rel's case, the banana holding, since she didn't eat hers, but simply held it in all our photos.) the thing about our color was that we were serious about it. i saw a lot of people at the end with nice splashes of color on their mostly-still-white t-shirts. we, on the other hand, made sure that we were covered. to the point where the colors started to mix and almost looked brown, if you didn't look closely.

the race was SO much fun, but we didn't stop there. we drove around, looking for places to go in all our color. we carpooled, so we were all together, rocking out to loud music with the windows down. (love.) first, we went to starbucks. then to cvs, so abby could get medicine. lastly, we went to evergreen walk and had lunch at moe's. we got some interesting looks, a few questions, and people who either knew why we were colored or who were also colored themselves.

it was awesome.