colony house | 08.07.2014

last week, there was a "sync this!" event in town––six top music supervisors, one music city, five performances. get it? 6-1-5? (nashville's area code.) we're so creative. and passionate about the 615. anyway, i'm pretty fascinated by music supervisors because they're the people who select what songs get placed in tv shows, movies, commercials, etc. you guys, that's a real job. that people get paid money for. and by that i mean WHERE DO I SIGN UP.

the event was invitation-only, but the second set of performances was open to the public. and it was free. and colony house played. AND IT WAS FREE.

my friend tab and i went. it was at the high watt, which is maybe the smallest venue in town. i'd never been there before, but i heard a lot about how tiny it was. and it is, especially at capacity. which they hit pretty quickly (because, colony house, duh) so even standing still, you were likely touching at least three people around you. which means getting around in there involved a lot more physical interaction.

it was one of those shows where the people watching provided endless entertainment during set changes. it was fun to guess which people were the important ones and how old we thought the girls trading shoes in front of us were.

tab and i stood in an area that was less crowded, probably because it was right in front of a speaker and maybe the worst sound-quality spot to stand in. but, we were willing to risk potentially going deaf for the sake of not having anyone breathe down our necks. and then we stood in our spot and discussed how impressed we were with ourselves that we even ventured out for a 9pm show on a weekday and how thrilling it is to find out that the band you came to see is


 playing last, which means you can be home and in bed sooner than you thought.

and then we laughed at ourselves because

how old are we?

colony house was amazing. there was one other time we saw them play, probably two years ago, when they were still called "caleb," and we were pleasantly surprised to find out they were pretty great. and now, they are colony house, and they have a full length record out, and they are on their way to becoming a household name. they are THAT good. and their live show? it does not disappoint. it sounds just like their record in that way that incredible 

oh, his voice actually, literally sounds like that

 kind of way. plus, there's the added live-show bonus of not only hearing their great music but also seeing how much fun they're having while they play.