Q2 | books of 2018

007. the year of magical thinking / joan didion.

not what i thought it would be. (didn't actually know what it was.)
accidentally the second book i've read about grief this year.

008. 100 days to brave / annie f. downs.

at first, i wasn't sure i wanted to read this at all.
it ended up being the only daily devotional i've ever finished.

009. walking on water / madeleine l'engle.

if you're curious about what it is to be creative.
if you've ever labeled art as either "christian" or "secular."

010. tell me three things / julie buxbaum.

if you liked what to say next or enjoy YA fiction in general.
if you're looking for some real high school nostalgia.

011. fangirl / rainbow rowell.

a super easy and fun read, especially if you spend a lot of time holding sleeping babies. not my favorite YA book i've read.

012. redeeming love / francine rivers.

i loved this story so much, and the experience i had reading it.
it felt like God's love was radiating off the page.


013. tailor made / alex seeley.

one of those books i think everyone needs to read. let me know if you want me to send you a copy. (mostly not kidding?)

014. and david perceived he was king / dale l. mast.

coincidentally read alongside tailor made, which was a double dose of much-needed identity truths. such a good read.

017. a wrinkle in time / madeleine l'engle.

one of those didn't read it in high school books.
one of those read it in a day books.

016. come matter here / hannah brencher.

always love hearing stories and insight from hb.
i thought the second half was better than the first half.

017. the art of memoir / mary karr.

round two with this one.
for anyone writing a memoir.


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