Q1 | books of 2018

001. the sacred enneagram / christopher l. heuertz.

great next step after reading the road back to you.
(some parts were kind of boring to me though.)

002. writing down the bones / natalie goldberg.

THE BEST if you're into writing (or creativity).
still worth skimming even if you're not.

003. it's okay to laugh / nora mcinerny purmort.

if you've ever experienced grief, or know someone who has.
one of those crying on one page / laughing on the next books.

004. if you only knew / jamie ivey.

must read if you grew up in church.
must read if you didn't grow up in church.

005. someday, someday, maybe / lauren graham.

if you're into fiction, are interested in (or at least fascinated by) the acting life, a fan of lorelai gilmore and/or sarah braverman.

006. what to say next / julie buxbaum.

if you're into young adult fiction (like me, apparently?).
fascinating insight into asperger's syndrome.