books of 2017 | 002

sometimes a book is so good, you could just eat it. you know?

these are the kinds of books i've been reading lately. the kind i want to savor, not devour. they are (mostly) hand-picked. books that have been on my list or on my bookshelf. and now i'm behind on my goal to read 52 books this year because i've been taking my time with them.

i started to feel torn between wanting to read faster and catch up so i could complete my goal and wanting to keep a slower pace because i don't want to rush through the good stuff. then, recently, i watched a video from an author who was talking about how beneficial it is for writers to not only be reading, but also taking notes as they read. words they like, descriptions that catch their attention, things they found boring. and suddenly it felt like i had permission to slow down, to not reach that 52-book goal.

i don't really know why i'm writing all of this, except to remind you that sometimes it's okay to stop working toward a goal you had previously set for yourself. you're not giving up on what you're trying to achieve; you're quitting the distractions. goals are set to help you move your feet so you get to where you want to go. don't be so busy with your head down, working hard, that you forget to look up to see if you're still facing the right direction.

my goal is to make the best use of my time. for a while, that meant picking up a book instead of clicking on netflix and, this year, i gave myself a number as motivation. because quantity is helpful in seeing progress, and seeing progress is what makes me feel good and like i deserve some kind of reward. but quality, i'm realizing, is more important for me as a writer.

so i will probably not hit 52 books this year and that's okay because i will still get where i meant to go.

also. i can't list everything i've read since my last post and highlight only a few favorites. (i didn't actually do that last time, either.) they are all my favorites and if i'm giving them enough space in my days, then i'll give them enough space here too.

the magnolia story (chip & joanna gaines)

i don't watch fixer upper, so my love for chip and jo was purely secondhand until i read this book. i quickly realized what everyone else already knows: these people are incredible.

the girl who handed me the book to borrow told me "it's good, but i've heard most of their story before." however, i think that even if you know most of their story, this book is worth reading.

first, because it's an easy and fun reading experience, as they tell their story as if they are sitting in front of you, having a conversation. second, because i found it to be inspiring and motivating to know the details and backstory.

i stopped watching tv (again) after reading this book and finding out they don't watch tv. it made me wonder how much progress they were able to make by choosing to not sit and watch tv every night, and how much progress i could be making if i also made different choices.

one day we'll all be dead and none of this will matter (scaachi koul)

my first book of the month pick! chosen for it's bright pink cover and the fact that it's a memoir. with BOTM, you sign up to receive one book each month, from only five choices. while every other book on my to-read list is one i've added because i know i'll like it, this one was a total shot in the dark––not what i'd normally pick up, but i loved it.

saachi writes for buzzfeed, which i didn't know before choosing this book, but it's probably why i enjoyed it so much. she has a specific type of sarcastic humor that makes her story about growing up in alberta, canada, as the daughter of indian immigrants so relatable.

my favorite chapter tells of her trip to india for her cousin's wedding. it it, she describes why she despises all the outdated indian wedding traditions, but tells the story in such a way that it helps you understand the paradox of embracing your culture so that when she later admits she plans on having a traditional indian wedding, you understand what that means.

books of 2017: 001

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