josh, heather, mom, dad, T, me

Last week was filled with so much love and excitement and laughter and good times, it was overwhelming–in the best way possible. My whole family, minus Heather's husband, met up in Charlotte at T and Lee's (and now Josh's) apartment for a week of family time and celebration. My mom and Heather flew down on Saturday, while my dad and Josh drove the moving truck and his car down. I had to work Saturday night, but by Sunday afternoon, we were all together again.

We celebrated my birthday (a month late) on Sunday, my mom's birthday (which was Monday), T's birthday (which was Tuesday), and Josh's birthday (a week early) on Wednesday. And then, of course, Thursday was Thanksgiving. So basically, we spent the week eating a lot of good food, and cake. Lots of cake. In between, we had a family photo shoot, played games, watched movies, made awkward small-talk with the cable guy, hugged (and hugged some more), made frequent trips to Target (which is close enough to walk to!), visited with my cousins, and laughed until we cried (on multiple occasions).

On Wednesday night, Heather flew back home to spend Thanksgiving with her husband, I drove back on Friday morning to work on Friday night, and my parents flew back on Saturday. And Josh, of course, stayed, because he lives there now. It all ended too soon for the amount of time I spent waiting for it to come, but it was so, so sweet while it lasted. I have so much to be thankful for, I don't even have words for it.