august, in photos.

hello from the other side. of my room. where my desk is. because i have a desk now. like a real writer or something like that, i don't know. but here i sit.

sorry i am not posting any photos of it, but my room is tragically messy because it's very small and there is no real room for a desk in here but i fit one in anyway. for the sake of feeling like a legitimate person by having somewhere to write other than, you know, my bed. which is where i also sleep and watch tv and eat dinner sometimes and i just wanted another place to sit that wasn't my bed.

(have i mentioned i'm watching netflix again? madam secretary is what did it for me.) (and also being employed.)

okay, but for a post dedicated to photos, i sure have a lot of words and a total of ...four photos to share.


because many of the photos i take are of this sweet boy i spend my days with. he has squishy cheeks, chunky thighs, and the most infectious laugh that seems less intentional and more like it just bursts out of him.

(and, you know, i don't post those here. or anywhere.)


because solo coffee shop hangs are a thing i miss about being unemployed.


because, have you read any of shauna niequist's books? i'm new. and obsessed. (and starting from the very beginning, yes i've seen all the instagram posts about present over perfect.)


because i found this mug today and it could not be more perfect. (so yes, i went ahead and bought it for myself.)


because this month was full with things that warrant their own space on the blog. like H's visit to nashville. like J and abby's wedding. like that other semi-spontaneous trip i took to charlotte last week that i will be posting about tomorrow.

for someone who is newly employed, i worked ...not a lot of days this month. oh well.