Technically, it's not autumn until September 22, which is practically October. But it's September. People are going back to school. Summer is over. And I am not as thrilled as most people are about pumpkin spice and warm sweaters. I like flip flops, okay. T-shirts. The day I have to wear multiple layers and a scarf for the sole purpose of keeping warm is going to be a sad day for me.

Fortunately, I now live in a state where winter doesn't last six months out of the year. That's what I'll keep reminding myself every time I put on closed-toed shoes.

Anyway. August. When it was still summer.

1. THE OLYMPICS. Oh my gosh, the Olympics. I faithfully watched (almost) every night and absolutely LOVED every minute of it. Although, I will say that I loved the swimming minutes more than anything else.

(Does anyone else feel like this was ages ago instead of just four weeks ago?)

2. Blue Like Jazz (the movie) was released on DVD. Which is not directly related to me or my life this month, but I totally and completely support this movie and it's message and I think it's worth mentioning again. I hear it's even available at Redbox, so do yourself a favor.

3. I had a lot of 'me' time. And a lot of One Tree Hill time. Because that's what happens when you're unemployed. You hang out by yourself and watch TV on Netflix that reminds you of the sweet days of high school.

4. I met some new people and joined a community group and a stretch group and all of that basically means I am trying make friends, okay.

5. I saw Steve Moakler. I mean I saw him play a show, on stage. Not like, I saw him walking down the street. Although that would've been cool too.

6. I got a job. At a restaurant called Watermark. Where one of the servers is from Connecticut. And also where the TV show Nashville will be filming regularly, if it gets picked up. Or so I've heard.

7. I started my internship. I'm working at an artist management company called Good Time Entertainment. No one there is from Connecticut. Or filming a TV show.

8. I saw Andy Davis. (And Bryce Merritt.) Also on stage.

9. I did not work out at all. (Unless you count the exercise I get by being a hostess.) (Do you burn calories by standing around for four hours?) I still haven't found the calendar either.

10. I read two books: Love Does and The Fault in Our Stars. Both, so good.