A B O U T S O M E D A Y S A R A H.

t h e g i r l

i am an aunt and a nanny. not a mom.
living in nashville, tennessee.
by way of small–town, connecticut.
regularly commuting to charlotte, north carolina.
drinking coffee.
loving jesus.
shopping at target.

t h e b l o g

"someday sarah," like the dave barnes song?

yes. also, no.

"someday, sarah" was the thing my brother-in-law used to say to me, back when he was still dating my sister and i would side with her in any discussions they were having. "someday," he would tell me. as in, i will know that, have that, want that. someday.

this blog is about that. my life and my dreams and my somedays.

(but also, the dave barnes song.)

t h e s h o p

i sell prints that i've created using my own handwriting, a chisel tip sharpie, and a piece of paper. (and, later, adobe illustrator and an actual printer.)


S A Y H E L L O.

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"someday, sarah" is a personal blog that belongs to me. all opinions and images shared here are mine, unless otherwise noted. i like to give credit where credit is due and i ask that you do the same for me. please know that i am not a professional anything, and everything expressed here should be taken with a grain of salt and maybe an eye roll. also, however rare it is, sometimes affiliate links are used.