"someday sarah," like the dave barnes song?

yes. also, no.

"someday, sarah" was the thing my brother-in-law used to say to me, back when he was still dating my sister and i would side with her in any discussions they were having. "someday," he would tell me. as in, i will know that, have that, want that. someday.

this blog is about that. my life and my dreams and my somedays.

(but also, the dave barnes song.)

other things.

i am an aunt and a nanny. not a mom.
living in nashville, tennessee.
by way of small–town, connecticut.
regularly commuting to charlotte, north carolina.
drinking coffee.
loving jesus.
shopping at target.

a blog manifesto, written by someone else:


songs are allowed to be real, raw, honest, urgent, epic, poetic, intense, vulnerable. songs are allowed to ask questions. songs are allowed to say "i am not satisfied." songs are allowed to say "i am not where i would like to be."

it's awkward to say those things in most settings. people worry. people ask questions. it's a scary thing to write that way outside of songs.

but i started this blog because that's the sort of writing that i'm interested in. and because i would like to live a story i believe in but the truth is that i don't know how. my guess is that's the place most words are born.

there are things in this life worth screaming about, worth crying about, worth fighting for. there are things that steal my sleep and dreams i can't not dream. i would like to write about them. because i don't know what else to do with them.

if i could play guitar and sing like my friends, i would write songs. but i can't. so these will be my songs and i'll place them on this stage. and i'll place them here with hope that they might cause someone to feel. to feel less alone and more alive as we wait. i say "we" because i am waiting too. waiting with some small hope that this is not a scary story about disappointment. not a story i regret. i am waiting to be surprised.

and so i sing.

jamie tworkowski, "and so i sing."



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