"someday sarah," like the dave barnes song?

i love that song, but that's not why i started using it. i write about it here, but basically my brother-in-law used to say this phrase to me a lot, and i just took it and ran with it.

someday my page will come up before the song in a google search.

what's your book about?

it's a memoir (non-fiction) about growing up in church. i write a little about it here.

does your book have a title yet?

every new project starts out being called "someday sarah." who knows if it will stick.

why did you start a print shop? why is it called 'shop surrounded'?

i love this story. you can read it here.

will you make me a print?

i would love to. let's talk about it.

where are you from? where is home?

i grew up in connecticut and i have one sister still there, but my parents and other two siblings now live in charlotte, north carolina. when i go "home" for holidays, i go to charlotte.

i also go to charlotte once a month so i can watch my nephews grow up in person.

what brought you to nashville?

in conversation, i talk about working in the music industry. i did that! i moved here with an internship, which turned into a full-time, salaried position.

it took me five years to be real with this answer: God brought me to nashville.

i'm coming to nashville! what should i do?

i'm writing a blog post about this!