hi, i'm sarah.

writer. storyteller. encourager. auntie.

I am every meme about mentally correcting your grammar, except I take it a step further and mentally restructure your sentences too. It took me more than two decades to realize not everyone looks at words and sees how they fit together like I do? Oh.

For a minute I thought my love of words and their pairing with a melody translated into a career in music. (Side stage, not on stage.) But after three years in the industry, I quit what I once referred to as my "dream job."

Now, I'm taking my degree in Communications – a degree that felt like a backup plan – and putting it to actual use.

I help others de-clutter their thoughts, unpack their vision, and translate it into sentences their audience can not only understand, but be engaged with. I believe there is a way to reach your target audience without making them feel like they're being targeted.

Mostly, I believe we all have a seat at the table. We all have a thing we do that – wait, not everyone else does? – and I want to help you effectively communicate what that is.