favorite (writer) bloggers


i love blogs, but i mostly love words and the ways people choose and arrange them on a page. it's not a visual thing, there's no melody to pair with it, but it's my favorite kind of art. writing.

recently, i've thought a lot about how "blogger" doesn't necessarily translate as "writer" and i think it's important to know the difference. because being a writer is hard, especially when you're writing, showing your art and telling your stories, on a platform where a lot of people are promoting products or ideas instead of words.

these people are particularly good at the whole thing, and are who i draw inspiration from each time i feel hesitant to hit "publish."

melanie shankle. the big mama blog.

the first blog i ever started reading regularly. we have nothing in common. she is a wife and a mom (of a teenager) who lives in texas. but, most days, i am laughing out loud and copying and pasting parts of her posts into text messages to my friends.

erin loechner. design for mankind.

she's a new one. my boss knows her, i think. i've only read a handful of her posts, but there is at least one line in each that makes me throw my hands up and say, "yes! this!" to the particular way she wraps words around an idea or feeling.

jill denning. jillian lorraine.

i don't remember how i found her, but when i did, i read until i was deep into the archives. jill is the most like me, out of everyone i follow. she's not a mom and she's not married and i am pretty sure she is still in her twenties, is what i mean by that.

kate baer. the life and writings of kate baer.

kate is the writer i love following the most. she reads books, creates playlists, posts on her own terms, is writing two (i think) books, and has a husband and three kids. she is also the reason i got snapchat.

hannah katherine. the art in life.

my favorite things about hannah, which i realized just now, are the ways she has "wordpress" in her url and doesn't have her last name on the internet (that i can find). she makes the chaos of life and thoughts and words look clean and easy.

sydney poulton. the daybook.

she is my favorite storyteller blogger. her posts come few and far between these days and i think they're mostly sponsored now, but i always enjoy reading them. she is always just telling a story.