30 March 2012


march always seems like the longest month to me, even though it's no longer than january or october. maybe it's because it comes after february, which is the shortest month–even on leap year. or maybe it's because march is the month in between winter and spring and the transition always seems endless.

(am i the only one who feels that way?)

anyway, i am so grateful that, out of all the months, this one was the "long" one. i needed some extra time this month, even if it was just all in my head. since it was a pretty funky month, instead of posting the top 10 highlights from the month, i'm going to post the top 10 things i had on my to-do list for this month.

1. switch my blog from typepad to blogger. (here's why.)

2. find out about my apartment. (yeah. it's totally mine.)

3. figure out a moving date & move forward with my moving plans. (instead of almost changing my mind. and, i leave may 6!)

4. see the hunger games. (i talk a little more about that here.)

5. buy a new car. (here she is!)

6. get my taxes done. (i was so very pleasantly surprised at the number that popped up at the end!)

7. see andy davis. (and katie herzig.) (read about that here.)

8. run more often. (uhhh. let's not talk about that.)
9. read two books. (i read one, okay. but more on that later.)

10. eat at mooyah before it officially opened.
okay so that last one wasn't technically on the list beforehand, but i just had to include it. one of my mom's clients is the owner of a handful of moe's southwest grill and mooyah franchises, and this mooyah just opened in bishop's corner (in west hartford), so i had to go check it out! there were SO many people there–lots of uha students–but it was yummy and FREE and totally worth it.

in conclusion, march was a rather productive month, even though it was also pretty sucky.

29 March 2012

meet [insert name here].

(yeah. she still doesn't have a name. i'm working on it, okay.)

so, to start at the beginning, i needed to buy a new(er) car because dear old gladys (my '96 taurus, which i unfortunately do not have a photo of) was getting, well, old. and i needed something a little newer and more reliable (and something with a cd player) since i'll be moving to nashville and all. so i looked around and went back and forth, trying to decide what i wanted and what would be the best option.

(this proved to be a rather difficult task for me because my main concern was about how cute this new car would be and the rest was up in the air. but, of course, the rest is what's actually what's important. so.)

long story short, i ended up at the dealership that josh just got a job at and he was showing me this mazda3 that i saw online. i'm pretty sure it was love at first sight and i knew it was "the one" after about three seconds of looking at only the exterior of the car. i then proceeded to take this photo to send to my family members as a way of showing them the car i was about to buy that i had not even sat in yet:
my dad & josh were all about the details.
i was all about the cuteness. (i mean, LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY.)
and then i sat in it and drove it around a bit and signed a few papers and three days later, i traded in gladys and got my name on the board.
my mom came with me to pick her up.
i'm only mildly excited about my sweet new ride.
here is a short list of my favorite things about my new car:
–the aforementioned cuteness.
–it's black.
–it's about a third of the length that gladys was.
–IT HAS A CD PLAYER. (guys, gladys only had a cassette player. what.)
–it also has an ipod hookup thing, which i am not overly excited about yet because i still have to get the thing that actually connects my ipod to the sound system.
–it has volume controls on the steering wheel.
–sound comes out of both sides of the car.
–the air conditioning works.

this is what she looked like after her first night at her new home.
and they lived happily ever after.
the end.

28 March 2012

another lunchbreak post.

this could be a fabulous post about my new car, but it's not because i'm writing it on my lunch break and i don't have much time to upload the photos and whatnot. my new car deserves a better post than a few photos thrown up with some random captions. um. yeah. because she is awesome and she deserves an awesome post.

(my car is a girl. she still has no name. i just keep referring to her as my baby, like i did with my mac before deciding to name him sweets.) (yes, he is named after the adorable (and nerdy) psychologist on bones.)

moving on.

there was a brief moment last night when i remembered that i needed to write something that could pass for a somewhat decent blog post and then the moment passed and i forgot all about it. clearly, this post-every-day deal i've got going on is really working for me.

but in my defense, i was busy hanging out with T and lee and josh and watching saved by the bell, which is now on netflix (!!), and i got home late and i was a little tired. so, yeah.

27 March 2012

the nothing post.

as i mentioned in this post, i write most of my blogs for the week on sundays. and as i mentioned in this post, i had little to no time this past sunday to do anything except hang out with my friends and play these intense games that involve secret code signals and people staring at you, trying to figure out what you signal is. (things like that stress me out.) and, of course, there were games of mafia that basically involved me as a townsperson every round (thank goodness!) and everyone always accusing me of being in the mafia. (they should know by now that it is VERY obvious when i'm in the mafia because i'm more stressed out than usual.) (someone needs to teach me how to play with strategy.) (or teach me how to not freak out when someone puts a little attention on me.)

anyway, i don't even think i ate very much on sunday because i was so distracted. and also, since i'm moving in 40 days (woo!), i'm trying to spend more time doing things with people and less time just sitting around by myself. because, after i move, i bet i will do a lot of sitting around by myself.

do you see where i'm going with this? so i won't be offended if you choose to continue your internet browsing elsewhere and stop by again next week for some (hopefully) better material. or in six weeks, when i will have already moved and will spend a lot of time sitting around by myself, writing (hopefully) better blogs.

or, you can stay and suffer through my "i've just been too busy to write!" posts, like i know T is going to do.

26 March 2012

weekend fun.

i'm going to go in chronological order here because i have so many things to talk about from this weekend. and i'm also going to put them in a list and number them. because that's how i do, okay.

1. i started watching touch on friday night because i was bored and the pilot episode was sitting in my itunes from when i downloaded it for free (because i always download the free tv episodes because who doesn't love free stuff?) and i was instantly hooked. i watched the second episode on hulu as soon as i finished the first one. so good. if you haven't seen it yet, i highly suggest you watch it.

2. I BOUGHT A NEW CAR. (and by that i mean, new to me.) it's a 2008 mazda3 that josh sold to me at his fancy new job. #bestsalesmanever even though he's only been working there a week and can't technically sell cars yet. but whatever. i get it tomorrow and i'm sure i'll post more about it (with photos!) in a few days.

3. i saw the hunger games on saturday afternoon! overall, they did a really great job transforming the book into a movie and i was impressed by the way they depicted certain parts, but they changed a lot of the smaller details that were some of my favorite moments and it wasn't even really necessary. i will never understand why they do that.

4. my mom, dad, T, lee, and i all went out to margarita's for a celebratory dinner on saturday night. i bought a car! so we had some margaritas and chicken chimichangas to celebrate. it was delicious and lots of good times were had.

5. after church on sunday, i hung out with josh and his girlfriend and six or seven other friends and we spent the afternoon and evening playing games and shouting at each other and laughing a lot and it was so much fun.

and now i'm sitting here trying to type this post, but i am so distracted and sleepy so it's probably not as good as it could've been.

that's all. happy monday!

23 March 2012

andy davis (& katie herzig) / 03.21.2012

on wednesday night, leah and abby and i met up with leah's friend sarah to see andy davis (and katie herzig) at stage one in fairfield. leah and sarah have seen andy lots of times (and have had super fun dance parties and late-night drives to the airport with him as well), but abby and i had never seen him before. quite honestly, we never really listened to his music much either. i have a few songs from 10 out of tenn albums, but that was about the extent of it. i guess i just felt like i knew i loved his music without even having listened to much of it? i don't know.

andy's set was fantastic. his voice, his songs, his dance moves, his beyonce cover songs, his fake sleeve of tattoos that made abby practically fall out of her chair in love, the way he played the keyboard and lifted his leg when he got really into certain parts. it was just amazing and i didn't want it to end. why wasn't he headlining again? i wanted more.

and then there was katie.
her set was a bit long for my attention span (especially since i was mostly there for andy), but she's so great and so talented. i realized i knew most of her songs (probably because i have her latest album–duh) and it was awesome being able to hear them live. i just love her style and her lyrics and her hair makes me want to cut mine.

after the show was over, we (including andy–it was his idea!) all ran out to get some pinkberry, which was right down the street. oh my gosh you guys. i haven't had real frozen yogurt since i went to sweet cece's in franklin last march. over a year ago! (i don't consider tcby real frozen yogurt because it tastes like ice cream and they don't have the original tart flavor, which is my favorite.) so good.

basically, it was an all-around amazing night, full of lots of good times and lots of laughing. it was well worth being super tired at work all day yesterday. well worth it.

22 March 2012

more hunger games & stuff Christians like.

yesterday, i heard liam hemsworth (who plays gale in the hunger games) on the radio. two things:

1. he has an accent, which i was previously unaware of, so that was a pleasant surprise. i love accents. but i still don't think he's that attractive and he really doesn't look like gale to me. but whatever.

2. he mentioned how suzanne collins (the author of the series) helped write the script for the movie. this is a good sign that it might not completely suck. he also said that the movie pretty much accurately depicts how he pictured the book to be.

this is good news! except for the fact that everyone in the history of books-turned-into-movies has always made that claim. and, friends, have you seen twilight? but i do think this movie will be more accurate to the book than twilight was. or at least, i'm really hoping it is.

in other non-hunger games-related news, the stuff Christians like blog turned four yesterday, which is one of my favorite blogs that i also frequently reference in my day-to-day life, so i suggest you check it out if you haven't already. jon acuff, the author of the blog, wrote this post about the past four years and included a list of the ten most popular posts. that's a good place to start.

from that list, i'd suggest reading the Jesus juke, running into famous Christians, and thinking you're naked. from those three posts, you can pretty much get the general idea of what the blog is all about. it's great.

the serious wednesday posts are probably my favorite because i always forget it's wednesday and it catches me off guard because it's usually talking about something that i need to hear. and, towards the end of last year, it felt like week after week, these posts were constantly reminding me and encouraging me in my faith, which is just what i needed.

but seriously. if nothing else, at least read the Jesus juke. you will be glad you did.

21 March 2012

the hunger games, in music form.

so the hunger games comes out on friday.

guys, i am so excited about it. there's no way the movie is going to be half as good as the book, but you know. i'm still going to see it. on opening weekend. i'm going to be one of those fans. you know, a very impatient one who has to see it as soon as it comes out, because why wait if you don't have to? and i just want to see it already. i'm sick of all the trailers and the teasers and the "sneak peek" scenes you can watch online. just give me the whole thing all at once.

anyway, the soundtrack was released yesterday, which is just another tease. but in all fairness, new music comes out on tuesdays and new movies come out on fridays. i can't really complain.

a few weeks ago, i preordered the soundtrack, but then i cancelled my order because i decided that i'd rather wait and hear the music with the movie. like i said, i want the whole thing all at once. but then it was officially released yesterday and i went ahead and bought it. i have no self control.

i've only listened to the whole thing once, and then a select few songs a couple more times. i'm not really a soundtrack person, so i keep skipping around and trying to imagine where the songs fit in to the movie.

there are a few gems. like the civil wars track ("kingdom come" – who doesn't love a good civil wars song?) and that one by taylor swift called "eyes open." so good. so, so good.

i really cannot wait to see the movie.

20 March 2012


top 10 things i could've included in yesterday's post but chose not to because they didn't fit in.

1. the internet was down at my house all day on sunday and that totally messed up my flow of productivity. you see, i write most of my blogs for the week on sundays. which sounds like i'm still in school and i procrastinate until sunday to do the work, but it's just the opposite. writing is relaxing and exactly what i like to do on a sunday afternoon. (this is also the reason yesterday's post was late.)

2. it occurred to me a few days ago that this month is basically almost over. part of me wants to ask where all the time went, but the answer seems obvious, especially after reading yesterday's post. the other part of me keeps focusing on the fact that april is my last month in connecticut. there are no words to describe the feeling i get when i think about that.

3. i created this paper chain with one link for every day i have left until i move. 47 days! (although there are 48 links in the picture because i took it yesterday.)
4. last weekend was daylight savings and for the first time in forever, it had zero effect on me. i mean, i was already walking around tired and confused, so the hour time change didn't have much of an impact.

5. it actually really bothers me that i have four days without posts. i need to stop thinking about it.

6. on sunday, i banged my knee into my desk so hard that the only noise that came out of my mouth was an awkward crylaugh that caused my mom to come running. it also hurt so bad that i couldn't answer when she asked if i was crying or laughing. it still hurts and i'm convinced i now have a permanent knee injury.

7. i dropped my phone in the parking lot of the bank yesterday. technically, i couldn't have written about this in yesterday's post, but i still wanted to mention it because i decided to take the protective case off a few months ago (because it's big and bulky and ugly, even though it is pink) and i was doing well with not dropping it. but now it's all banged up, although i doubt i'll put the case back on. i get a new one in two months. my new one will be an iphone and then i will start worrying about putting a case on it.

8. i was sleepy all day on sunday, but as soon as i got into bed on sunday night, i was suddenly wide awake and didn't fall asleep until after 1 a.m. (so annoying.) in the mean time, i watched friends on nick@nite and it was the last episode of the series, which is the happiest and saddest episode ever.

9. this song.

10. this should really be a top 9, but that just doesn't have the same ring to it.

19 March 2012

that time i almost changed my mind.

i don't even know where to begin. how do i fit so much into so little space? there were so many things that i felt and thought about and, at the time, it was never ending. my brain wouldn't turn off. i couldn't eat and i couldn't sleep and i would just sit for hours, thinking, thinking, thinking. and now that it's over, it seems like a blur, and honestly, kind of ridiculous. who knew i was even capable of being so confused and afraid and suddenly undecided about nashville?

basically, what happened was i got really anxious all of a sudden. it came on fast and hard and it completely caught me off guard. the doubts and fears and what-if's consumed my mind and brought me down to a really strange and uncomfortable place. i didn't like it, but i also didn't know how to fix it. was God trying to tell me not to go yet, that the timing was wrong? or was the devil trying to make me believe that i can't, that i'm not strong enough? there were just too many things crowding my mind and i had trouble sorting it all out.

two things helped: writing about it and talking about it. writing about it helped organize the things that were running through my head. seeing the words on paper changes things. in a way, it makes them more tangible and easier to organize. (i must've written at least ten pages just to get it all out.) talking about it helped me to be more objective. i spent so much time stuck in my own head that i didn't know which end was up. hearing other people's opinions made me rethink my own.

ultimately, T asked me to come over (again) because she had some things to say to me that she didn't want to type out in an email. you have to go, she said. you HAVE to. she was pacing between her kitchen and living room, practically shouting at me and throwing her hands in the air. (if nothing else, she is passionate.) she told me, among other things, that it sounded to her like the only thing holding me back was my fear and, quite frankly, she didn't think that was a good enough reason.

the more she talked, the more it felt like she was reminding me of who i am. because, for a few days, i had actually forgotten. i lost it. i lost my hope and my dream and i can't tell you how disorienting that feels. but she was there, reminding me. and i will always be grateful to her for that. i don't know what i would've done without her, and i don't know what i am going to do without her.

because, you know, i'm still moving and now, more than ever, i am completely sure of my decision. no doubts. of course, i still feel anxious about it, but i'm working on that.

and by that i mean, Jesus is working on that. after all, this is His deal. not mine.

16 March 2012

happy friday.

it's late. i'm tired. it has been a LONG week. i have a lot of things to say, but i think i'll save it for next week, when things are new and fresh. and after i've had a weekend to recover and find the right words. right now, it would just look something like this.


yeah. so happy friday.

happy, happy friday.

15 March 2012

i am still here.

this morning (meaning yesterday), i woke up and thought about the blog i posted the whole way to work. i was right.  i wondered why i ever thought it was a good idea to post that. i thought about the words i wrote and contemplated deleting them once i got to work.

i still want to delete them. but i'm not going to. i want to see what happens if i keep writing. part of me thinks that if i keep doing the things i do, i will feel better sooner. and then the other part of me thinks that i'm just using it as a distraction and nothing will actually be accomplished.

i guess we'll see which part of me is right.

14 March 2012

some thoughts on life. (& stories to tell.)

here's a blog i never thought i'd write. (or post.) partly because i never thought i could feel this way, and partly because i never thought i could write about it on the internet. (and, honestly, i'm writing and posting it quickly, while i'm still having a good minute.)

let me explain.

i've been having a bit of a rough time lately. and by "a bit of a rough time," i mean getting out of bed in the morning has become my biggest obstacle. which is ironic, considering i'm averaging somewhere around 20 minutes of sleep per night. (give or take 20 minutes.) and, not only that, but those precious 20 minutes are ruined with stress dreams like WHOA. so, you know, there's really no thrill in actually staying in bed.

the point is, the anxiety i've been experiencing is completely overwhelming. it's like i'm stuck and i keep turning in circles trying to find the way out, but it's not there and i can't figure it out. it's really a strange feeling and there's not a lot i can do about it. and, unfortunately, it's not a thing of the past. it's still happening. (which is why i'm hesitant to post about it.) although, there are moments of relief that remind me that this won't last forever. even though it certainly feels like it.

initially, i wasn't going to post anything at all until i felt better. more optimistic and whatnot. but i changed my mind (obviously) for the following reasons:

1. i'm having an optimistic moment.

2. i like it when people are real, and they talk about issues they're having while they're having them. you know? it's not helpful for me to hear you talk about problems you used to have. what about right now?

3. a lot of my anxiety comes with the crippling fear that has attached itself to my moving to nashville in may. this kind of material is relevant to the blog, is it not?

4. i feel like not posting is kind of like ...giving in. i don't feel very strong, but i want to be, so i'm going to fight for it.

5. i kind of miss it.

6. i also really wanted to mention that (GRAMMY NOMINATED) dave barnes has a new album out called stories to tell. and it just didn't seem fair that i would have a nervous breakdown the week of his album release. so there it is. go get it on itunes.

(in other music-related news, the fray's video for "run for your life" has been released and i am in looove with it. of course.)

so, that's what's going on. i may or may not continue to post regularly. i have a lot going on and a lot to think about and if i feel like posting a blog, i'll post it.

in conclusion, moving to nashville is a LOT harder than i thought it would be. and i haven't even moved yet. so, yeah.

p.s. this will be posting at 8 a.m. on wednesday morning. at which time, i will re-read what i have written here and wonder why i thought it was a good idea to post this. (mornings are the hardest.)

07 March 2012


two things, real quick.

ONE) i called about my apartment yesterday and it's officially official. i'm moving to nashville in may. i've been saying that for a few weeks now, but that was technically just the plan. now it's official. the apartment is mine and it's really happening and i'm moving.

i'm moving, i'm moving, i'm moving. i keep saying it over and over, but i still can't believe it. i'm moving.

TWO) there's a storyline conference in nashville in may that i think would be so, so amazing to go to. especially since i just re-read a million miles. but it's on may 6 & 7. which means i would have to finish working my last day of work on friday and drive to nashville (17 hours) on saturday to make it to the conference on sunday.

that, and come up with $239 by march 15. so, yeah. i think it's safe to say that i will not be in attendance.

in other news, it's wednesday! which means lots of new music came out yesterday and i'm going to tell you about some of it. or one small piece of it.

lovedrug –– wild blood
honestly, i didn't actually buy this album because i'm trying not to spend any money since 1–i'm moving to nashville that's not a cheap dream come true, and 2–i was just out of work for a week and a half so money's tight. you know. but i wanted to mention it because i heard it was great (from @samantha797, who has excellent taste in music in my opinion), so i checked out the preview on itunes and, as far as i can hear, it's so good. i would say "premonition" and "pink champagne" are my favorites, based on the one-minute-30-second clips on itunes, but who knows since i haven't actually heard the full songs. (ten bucks says i buy it by the end of the week.)
/ itunes

that's all i got for today.

feel free to download the album and then attach it to an email and send it along my way. or, you know. whatever.

06 March 2012

to clarify.

a couple months ago, i wrote this post about what a typical conversation sounds like when i first meet someone. i'm not going to rewrite the whole post, but basically, i end up talking about my dream to live in nashville and be a band manager but it's really just all talk because i don't have an official moving date. (or, i didn't.) and i mentioned that i couldn't wait for the in-between phase to be over so that when people asked, i could have definite answers.

well, friends. my in-between phase is over. kind of. i don't technically have a moving date, but i know that when i go to nashville for a wedding on may 12, i will not be coming back. realistically, my official moving date could be anywhere between may 5 to may 11. but that's progress! considering that it used to be anywhere between now and forever.

so, instead of saying "i want to move to nashville," i can say, "i'm moving to nashville in may." which i have been doing from time to time. or every time i have a conversation with a person i haven't already told. (and, of course, on my blog i like it mention it at least once every post. if i'm not already dedicating an entire post to the subject.) (but really, this is my life and this is what's happening to me. so don't expect me to not talk about it.) (T– think of it like practice.)

anyway, people (the ones who don't already know) generally have the same kinds of questions when i say that. "i'm moving to nashville in may." so here are the answers. the long versions.

do you have a job lined up already?
okay, no. but i saved enough so that i could move without already having a job. PLUS, i will probably end up working a few part-time jobs so that my schedule will be flexible enough to include my (unpaid) internship–which is the whole point of me moving. and you can't exactly line those up in advance, if you know what i mean.

also, it's called faith, people.

did you major in that?
(this question usually comes after i mention the band management thing.) well, it took me too long to figure out what i wanted, so i ended up majoring in communications. but there are majors for music management and all that.

did you already find an apartment and everything?
yes. i actually went apartment hunting when i visited nashville last march (i know. it's been FOREVER since i've been there.) and i found one i really liked, so all i had to do was call and see if they had one available. (it's an apartment complex.)

are you going for school or something?
no, i graduated last may. (note: i started saying last may instead of this past may. progress!)

(this answer sets them up for the next question, which is my favorite. it's like they don't understand why anyone would move away unless it involves going to school. especially if it doesn't involve a job.)

how long are you going for?
yeah. this question kills me. it was completely unexpected and the first time someone asked it, i didn't even know what to say. "um. forever?" i guess people aren't used to hearing about people moving a thousand miles away, from everything and everyone they know, to chase their dreams. people ask this question a lot.

i usually just say, "well i want to live there." and the replies vary between different levels of surprise.

maybe i should just start the conversation off with, "hi, i'm sarah. i'm a dreamer."

05 March 2012

why blogger.

okay. a few things.

1. i switched my blog from typepad to blogger.

2. the actual url is sarahhsquires.blogspot.com, but i have it linked to somedaysarah.com. so use that url and it won't matter where i host my blog, you'll always be able to find it.

so, why the switch?

well it all boils down to this: blogger is free. FREE. typepad is only $8.95 (and i say "only" because i consider anything less than $10 is an okay deal–even if it is for something like a blog), but thinking about paying for my blog every month for i-don't-even-know-how-long made me anxious. i hate switching it around, but i hate having to pay for it more.

so i started thinking about all the reasons i decided to use typepad instead of blogger in the first place and tried to change things up with blogger so that i could make it work.

i think life is like that sometimes. you have something and after a while you get sick of it and want something new and fresh, so you end up paying for what you already had for free because you think you need something different when all you really needed to do was make a few changes and maybe get a new perspective.

yeah. that's not exactly where i was headed when i started writing this post, but okay.

in conclusion, i'm back on blogger. because it's free. and, while i liked the features typepad has that blogger doesn't, it's still not worth paying for every month.

that's all. happy monday!

02 March 2012

back to the real world.

okay. i went back to work today. (well, yesterday, technically.) and i am just not used to that schedule. waking up at 6:30 a.m.? going to work for 8 a.m.? staying there all day? with no naps? it was exhausting. i don't know how i did it every day for so long. (and i don't know how i'm going to do it for 46 more days!)

(that's right. i just indirectly mentioned how I'M MOVING in may. no big deal.)

so, every other night that i've been sick and home and everything, i've kept a pretty strict bedtime. by the time 9 p.m. rolled around, i was in bed and falling sleep. mostly because i was tired and ready for more medicine. but last night, the night before i go back to work, i was wide awake until 11-ish.

um. okay.

i'm hoping this whole lack of sleep + waking up early + working all day = a good night's sleep tonight. if not, tomorrow's friday and i have the whole weekend to rest and prepare myself for a full week of being a grown up.

–– s

01 March 2012

good reads: february.

the shortest month of the year and i (probably) read the most books out of any month. (new goal: break my record of reading four books in one month.) although, it's not every day that you come across a book series that you read straight through in one week.

i LOVED these books. i actually wrote a whole post about it a couple weeks ago after i finished reading them. and, since i read them all so quickly and so early on in the month, i had more than enough time to read another book this month, but i liked the story so much that i didn't want to just move on to something else.

this is kind of a side note, but i think of reading like an experience. i usually like to read a chapter or two at a time so that i can fully digest what i read and then come back to it later or the next day. with the hunger games, there was no way that was an option because i was so hooked and so curious to know what was going to happen that i rushed right through them. so when i finished, i needed weeks to digest and think about (and maybe obsess over) what i had read.

i found out about this book months ago (like, last year) when i came across the pray for daisy blog. britt merrick is daisy's dad and he wrote this book and i decided that i wanted to read it. the full title is big God: what happens when we trust Him and it's about hebrews 11 and the people in the bible who are noted for having great faith. each chapter discusses a specific person and an element of what it means to have faith. for example, there's a chapter on faith waiting and it links to the story of sarah (and abraham–although he gets his own chapter).

the book makes some good points and it's definitely a good read if you're looking for a book on faith. honestly, i thought i would like it more than i did, but who knows. i may re-read it in five years and discover things i didn't pick up the first time. that happens to me almost every time i re-read a book.

–– s